Gardening for You: Increasing spring spinach

It is spinach-planting time in the spring backyard garden. Spinach is a cold hardy, tremendous wholesome green crop. Spinach plants endure temperatures as reduced as 20°F. Seedlings started now will be at the just-correct phase for transplanting to the garden. A very good rule for spinach in the backyard garden is to plant four to eight months before the regular last freeze. Lubbock’s normal very last freeze is April 15-20.

A young spinach seedling with its upright, long slender cotyledons. Nestled in between the cotyledons is the first set of true leaves. The first true leaves of spinach are usually rounded and flat in shape.

Developing a spinach crop is more profitable when planted to the spring yard from transplants than from seed. If beginning your possess transplants is not useful, seeds can be direct sowed into the backyard garden now. Times to germination vary with temperature — the cooler the temperatures, the longer the germination procedure and subsequent emergence. At soil temperatures of 70°F spinach can take about six days to germinate. At the time of this writing soil temperature is 48°F seeds planted now will get about two weeks for germination and emergence.

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