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Pittosporum Tobira – The Perfect Landscape Bush For a Dry Climate and Mild Winter Garden

One of the best choices for a landscape bush in a mild winter, Mediterranean garden has to be Pittosporum tobira. It is often overlooked today by home owners and even by garden designers, because it grows slowly, taking some 4 to 5 years to reach a height of 3 meters or so, and perhaps some 3 years to form a closed screen.

Bonsai Gardening Secret is in the Soil

The right soil content is one of the most important keys to creating beautiful bonsai trees. The following tips will help you develop the proper environment for successful bonsai gardening…

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Well if the weather is like this now I would stop indoors, sit down and start planning what you are going to do or plant in the garden next year. Planning this far in advance will give you plenty of time to work out and change any ideas till you have the perfect plan to set out your garden.

Bougainvillea – When do Bougainvilleas Grow in a Small Garden?

Bougainvillea can be the icing on the cake for your garden. It is not suitable for every situation though, and should be considered carefully before being planted.

Greenhouse – Build Your Own

I live in the south on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The winters are usually mild and snow occurs once every twenty years and melts in 2 hours.

Why Have a Home Greenhouse?

A home greenhouse are nothing new. They used to be known as conservatories and were used to house and grow all the wonderful and new plants being brought back to Europe, and especially England, during the age of exploration and beyond. Some even housed… Read this article to learn more about why you should have a home greenhouse…

A Flower For Every Season

This article chronicles giving different Flowers according to the Season of the year. You’re a romantic guy and you want to do something nice for that special lady in your life. So, you come up with an idea to give her a flower for every season throughout the year. Trouble is, you don’t know what flower goes with what season, so here is a helpful guide.

How To Grow A Bonsai Tree

Discover how to grow a bonsai tree with the little known tips and advice shared in this articles, you will be able to grow your own beautiful bonsai tree in no time.

Understanding Orchids

The old saying of take time to smell the flowers is never truer than with orchids. I have always thought understanding orchids would be very difficult and even more difficult to grow.

Sunflowers – Worshipping the Sun

Sunflowers are symbolic of adoration. Sunflowers turn their heads to the sun, which is the origin of their common name. Sunflowers belong to the genus helianthus, a reference to Helios, the sun god. Sunflowers are native to the Americas and are the state flower of Kansas.

Zinnia – The Cinderella Flower

The original zinnias were found in the early 1500s in the wilds of Mexico. They were so dull and unattractive that the Aztec name for them meant “eyesore.” Today the number of colors and flower forms available is astonishing. Learn about the transformation of this Cinderella flower.

Tulipmania and the Herald of Spring

Tulipmania once ruled in the Netherlands. Tulips come in a fantastic variety of shapes and colors and the bulbs were traded as a form of currency. When the tulip market crashed, it was similar to the stock market crash in the 20th century.

Bluebell Flowers – The Fairy Bells

Bluebells are closely linked to the realm of fairies and are sometimes referred to as “fairy thimbles.” To add some fairy charm to your garden, learn more about the growing these unique and beloved flowers!

The Amazing Lupine Flower

Lupines are symbolic of the imagination. The name “lupinus” actually means “of wolves” due to the mistaken belief that ancient peoples had that lupines robbed the soil of nutrients. Lupines are the only food for the Karner blue butterfly’s caterpillar. Learn more about this fascinating flower.

Poppies – Symbols of Consolation, Sleep and Remembrance

Poppies have an amazing heritage as symbols of beauty, magic, consolation, fertility, eternal life and remembrance. Learn about the use of this flower in ancient times as well as their modern cultivation.

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