Gardening for Newcomers

The Sustainable Garden – Growing Food from Seed

Gardening is not only an enjoyable pastime, but a way to avoid the high cost and hidden chemical additives of mass marketed produce. Growing food from seed requires only a small initial investment and can quickly become a self-sustaining pursuit. Test your green thumb one seed at at time!

A Brief Guide to Water Gardens

Gardening is undergoing rapid changes and new forms are being introduced with amazing frequency. Today, one of the newest trends is water gardening. This type of gardening is done specifically in sources of water such as fountains, ponds and waterfalls. They can be enhanced with rocks and with fish and lighting. In fact, you can do your water gardening in a plastic tub too. There are really several options.

Garden Design – Which Bedding Plants Go Best With Junipers?

Bedding plants are most effective in a garden composition when they combine well with the rest of the plants. This particularly the case when junipers form the heart of a planting design.

A Brief Guide to Vegetable Gardening

Many people are into vegetable gardening nowadays, and they are even getting their supply of vegetables from their gardens. Of course, this makes the vegetables much cheaper, and in addition the vegetables taste much better too. Actually, vegetable gardening is quite similar to gardening for shrubs and herbs. With just a little care, these plants can produce excellent vegetables for consumption.

A Brief Guide to Rose Gardening

A lot of negative publicity has hounded rose gardening, mostly criticism about the difficulty in growing and keeping them. However, this should not deter you. You can easily get accustomed to rose gardening, and the rewards are quite fragrant and beautiful, to say the least.

A Brief Guide to Organic Gardening

The term organic gardening means gardening without using any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Apart from that, everything else is the same. Not using synthetic materials does make controlling pests, insects, weeds and even some diseases different from the usual methods. Also, special care needs to be taken to keep the soil healthy and meet nutritional requirements.

A Brief Guide To Container Gardening

Most gardening fanatics suffer from the biggest problem that can nip their hobby in the bud – lack of space. However, what most people do not know is that they can easily practice gardening in whatever little space they have. Gardening can be done in a balcony, on a patio, or even on a windowsill where there is adequate sunlight. Such home gardening is not just for pleasure; it can be your source of several vegetables. Welcome to the world of container gardening!

Lawn Fertilization

You should fertilize your lawn five times per year. Each application fills different needs that your lawn has.

Make Growing Plants Easier This Year – Get A Greenhouse

If you spend any amount of time in the garden you’ll know how difficult it can be to get seedlings started in the early spring months, one late frost can wipe out a huge amount of work. This is why you may need a greenhouse to make your life easier.

Hydroponics Gardening Works Even When You Have No Garden!

Hydroponics gardening is favored among people without the luxury of enough space for a real garden. Find out why…

Organic Gardening – What is it and Why is it Important

Organic gardening is not wrong or mystical … one can not do wrong adding large amounts of organic matter to the soil. Organic gardening began by encouraging the use of organic matter in the soil, as well as the understanding that the organic matter needs to be constantly added to as it breaks down to prevent the soil from deteriorating. Organic Gardening is often thought to be something relatively new and is often referred to when thinking of the “hippies” in the 1960’s. In truth however, Organic Gardening has been around for hundreds of years. Before synthetic chemicals were “needed” to control pests, gardeners and farmers used natural methods to produce quality crops.

Differing Organic Approaches – Biodynamics

The concept of Soil fertility that Howard initiated is based on building the Organic matter in Soil with a focus on how soil life was connected to the health of crops, livestock, and humans. Howard’s theory was that the best method of dealing with a pathogen was not to destroy it but to see what could be learned from it.

Permaculture – Looking at Organic Gardening and Humans

If asked to describe Permaculture as a system one would say it is a philosophy of using the land based upon the natural energy patterns and material flows from within nature. As a system It is one of the most holistic, analysis and design methodologies in our the world. Permaculture is not limited to an exact method of production, more so it is a “land use planning” philosophy of which the principles may be adapted worldwide to farms, homes, individual neighborhoods, and cities. It is site specific as such adaptable to local micro-climates, cultures, and techniques of production.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers – Healthy Lawn – Healthy Earth

Do your part in reducing pollution and check out electric lawn mowers. They do just as good a job without all the waste of gasoline engines.

Pruning Herbs, Herbaceous Perennials And Small Shrubs In The Spring

Home gardeners are often disappointed with the performance of their perennial bedding plants and the appearance of their herbs and sub-shrubs. Pruning at the right time is usually the key to successfully growing such plants. At no time is this more important than in the spring.

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