Gardening for Birds and Bees in Santa Clarita

By Michele E. Buttelman

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Gardening in the Santa Clarita Valley can be demanding due to weather, drought and pests. On the other hand, a easy backyard to advantage both equally bees and birds can remodel your outdoor spaces and assistance the earth, as effectively.


California is dwelling to extra than 1,600 species of wild bees that pollinate our gardens and fields, and bee gardens are at the moment all the rage. On the other hand, most gardeners imagine bee gardens can be any random assortment of flowering plants, which is significantly from the truth.

A bee backyard garden requirements to be a selection of crops where by bees consume the flowers’ nectar and obtain the pollen.

Some flowers are not useful to bees.

Honeybees are not the only beneficiaries of bee gardens. A good bee backyard can also assist indigenous bees. California native bees include things like bumble bees, sweat bees, mining bees, mason bees, carpenter bees and leaf cutter bees, amongst a lot of other individuals.

A bee back garden can also catch the attention of and feed wasps, flies, butterflies, hummingbirds, moths, beetles and other pollinators. Supporting all pollinators is important in increasing the crops that feed the planet.

Poppies and cilantro are two vegetation excellent for a southern California bee backyard. They are quickly grown in the SCV with little to no typical irrigation.

It is important to plant a wide range of bouquets that bloom at different instances of the yr.

You can get bee backyard seed mixes from a massive quantity of web-sites.

Botanical Interests is just one company that presents a really rated seed combine. Discover out a lot more about their seed mix at

The Help save the Bees Flower Mix Seeds cost $2.69 for a modest packet that covers 56 sq. toes and $4.99 for a substantial packet that handles 158 square feet.

The flowering crops in this combine deliver food stuff for lots of of the extra than 4,000 bee species in North The united states. The mix incorporates sweet basil, bergamot, black-eyed Susan, borage, California poppy, catnip, cilantro/coriander, lance-leaved coreopsis, cosmos, dill, once-a-year gaillardia, globe gilia, rigid Goldenrod, Lavender Hyssop, lemon mint, purple prairie clover, Siberian wallflower, sunflower and slice and appear yet again zinni.

A fantastic source for severe bee gardeners is the e book “California Bees and Blooms: A Manual for Gardeners and Naturalists,” by Robbin W., Coville, Rollin E., Frankie and Gordon Thorp. A little bit dear at far more than $40, applied copies of the ebook can typically be located a lot for significantly significantly less.


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Birds like fruit and seeds. They also are captivated to water and habitat for address and nesting, like trees.

To bring in songbirds to your lawn in the SCV, Tree of Daily life Nursery, a nursery in San Juan Capistrano devoted to California indigenous crops, implies planting manzanita, fourwing saltbush, coyote brush, barberry, California lilac, buckwheat, brittlebush, chaparral honeysuckle, laurel sumac, hollyleaf cherry, oak trees, lemonade berry, currants, gooseberries, wild rose, wild blackberry and elderberry.

Be confident to contain a bubbling fountain for your birds with shallow locations exactly where the birds can stand in the drinking water and bathe.

If you have a modest place, hen feeders will support draw in birds you can see through your home windows.

If you have the space, plant a row of sunflower helianthus annuus. Goldfinches, cardinals and woodpeckers adore these quick-rising plants. One more preferred of birds is the black-oil sunflower, which can produce dozens of seed-hefty heads, festooned with birds.

Brightly coloured flowers that are tubular, and keep the most nectar, are especially appealing to hummingbirds. These incorporate perennials these kinds of as bee balms, columbines, daylilies and lupines. You can also plant biennials these kinds of as foxgloves and hollyhocks. Annuals together with cleomes, impatiens and petunias are also hummingbird favorites

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