GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of December 23, 2021

Christmas tree scaled

The Kujawski Xmas tree (until finally the doggy knocks it over.)

As passionate as I am about gardening, this is the 1 time of yr when I have small to say. Oh, I discover fantastic enjoyment in the scent of holiday greenery and at the sight of colorful poinsettias, amaryllis, and other flowering plants. As usually, they lighten my spirits and invoke views of how attractive lifestyle can be.

However, as with many family members, we’ll knowledge some emptiness this vacation. It is all the additional explanation to pause, to cherish our memories, to be grateful for the times we’ve shared with beloved types, and to open up our hearts to those who are expensive to us.

I rely you amongst the latter. Get pleasure from all that daily life has to offer this festive year and have a really Merry Xmas!

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