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Growing Miracle Fruit – Cultivating the Berry That Makes Sour Foods Taste Sweet!

Growing miracle fruit is not an all-around difficult task. It is actually quite easy with the right climate. To start growing miracle fruit, though, it is important to know a bit about the plant itself.

Build a Flagstone Walkway in Your Garden

Often there is a spot in your garden that you are especially proud of, and you would like to share it with others, but how do you guide garden visitors to this special spot? Why not install a flagstone walkway to invite and entice garden explorers?

Fresh Herb Gardening – An Effective Way to Grow Your Own Herbs

One of the most wonderful things about growing your own herbs is the ability to harvest them whenever you need them. A great way to grow fresh herbs for your own personal use is by raising them in containers indoors or on a patio.

Beginner Organic Gardening – 3 Benefits For Kids

Anytime I see children getting involved in gardening it warms my heart. It encourages them not only to respect nature but also the experience the joy of creating something with the work of their hands.

Best Ways and Times to Use Bermuda Grass Seed

Have you ever wandered across a landscape devoid of grass? A place without grass can be an eyesore at times.

Solarization of Soil – What Are You Baking Today?

Solarization of soil is a method that is used to treat diseased soil, as well as kill weed seeds. There are many benefits to this method. It is also a preferred treatment in organic gardening.

3 Popular Flowering Bonsai

Flowering bonsai trees provide spectacular displays of colour and can brighten up any garden or home. In this article you can find out more about growing 3 of the most popular species of flowering bonsai.

Nuts ‘N Bolts Advice on Rose Planting

Roses are a very popular flower, so it is nice to have them in your garden. However, a lot of people worry about rose planting and care, thinking it must be very difficult to do. However, this really isn’t the case. It just takes a few simple steps to plant a rose bush.

Azalea Bonsai Tree

Growing an Azalea Bonsai takes a different approach than one normally would follow when growing a Bonsai. Most Bonsai trees require a significant amount of direct sunlight in order to thrive. The Azalea Bonsai is just the opposite. Do not place your azalea bonsai in direct sunlight, instead plant or place your azalea bonsai in a shaded area, particularly during the hot summer months.

Plant Nursery Supplies – What to Know

Plants are important, especially in the environment. They give off a fragrance, which refreshes the air and cleans it up from the harmful dust particles in the air. Plus, they add beauty to our surroundings, and refresh people with their lovely color and shape. If you are interested in planting, yet do not know what to do, the following might help you.

Building a Lean-To Greenhouse on a Budget

There’s something to be said about someone who takes the initiative to construct their own happily flourishing ecosystem. The patience, skill, and sheer aptitude are astounding. However, even with all the preparation in the world, the one thing that’s unavoidable is cost.

Coldframe Greenhouse Gardening – How to Stretch Your Planting Season

Have you heard of coldframes, or seen them for sale in garden supply catalogs, but aren’t really sure what you’d do with them? We’ll explain how you can get the most out of your plants and improve your gardening skills by practicing coldframe greenhouse gardening.

White House Organic Vegetable Gardening – Fresh is Best!

Did you know that Michelle Obama takes a personal interest in providing the White House with fresh fruit and vegetables daily for her family, the staff, and anyone that visits? The reason is the incredible health benefits that only fresh, organically grown fruit and vegetables can provide. Americans are getting back on track to healthier eating habits knowing that diet and most health problems are directly related.

Organic Flower Gardening

Organic gardening is an alternative method for producing fresh flowers and which is definitely better than the commercial one. Commercial gardening uses chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides which over the long run destroy helpful soil organisms and throw flowers and other plants out of their natural balance thereby producing flowers which are less beautiful and less healthy.

Elemental Magic – How to Bring Balance to Your Garden to Create a Peaceful Retreat

Bringing the four elements to the garden can open up many avenues into oneself. Just as Feng shui corrects the positive and negative influences of interior placement, incorporating the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth can bring balance and peace to the garden.

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