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Use creepy plants as part of your Halloween decorations. The smell of rotting meat emits from the flowers of Carrion flowers calling all sorts of flies and zombies to visit your yard. Planted either in pots or in a sunny spot as a groundcover, Stapelia is easy to grow and attracts all kinds of attention. Let the flies feed on the flowers and treat the zombies with the traditional Halloween candy instead of enduring their tricks.

Even the crops can get into the Halloween spirit. Some plants display the colors of the time, black or orange leaves or blooms some have hauntingly ghost-like silver foliage, bouquets that resemble bats and blooms that smell like dying.

How about a patch of the Carrion flower to include a Halloween touch to the landscape? 

The gag-inducing smell of Stapelia gigantea, also acknowledged as Carrion flower, African Starfish flower and Big Toad plant comes from the massive and fleshy bouquets, pun intended.

The blooms are made as a solitary or little team. Flowers to start with seem as balloon-formed buds and open up to 11- to 16-inches across.  

They have five-pointed lobes and are star-shaped. The flower shade is mild yellow to cream with crimson or crimson bands and is included with high-quality, purple hairs.

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