Florel Fruit & Mistletoe Eliminator

Let’s Speed Up That Compost Pile

Compost has so many garden uses that I never get enough of this terrific stuff. I blend compost into every planting hole, whether I’m planting a dogwood tree, petunia beds, tomatoes or anything else.

Gardening Hints for Healthy, Happy Plants

Plants – like all living things – have basic, minimum requirements to sustain them. Generally, they are food, water and a suitable environment, but if you want them to thrive you need to get more specific.

How to Grow Garlic in Your Home Garden Successfully

How to grow garlic successfully in your home garden plus bonus recipe for a all natural bug spray made from garlic.

7 Tips for Narrow Gardens – From a South African Perspective

The length of the narrow plot can be used to create an interesting vista, or to draw you from feature to feature along an exciting journey of discovery. Thoughtful planning will help create the illusion of width and balance to close boundaries, while still making the most of the vista.

Autumn Is The Best Time For Successful Compost Piles

Want a soil enhancing, inexpensive, organic-rich material that’s a breeze to produce? Use compost. It’s uncomplicated, we use some simple basics and Mother Nature does most all the work.

Shaping Your Bonsai – Wiring and Anchoring Techniques

Another edition in an ongoing series. This segment covers using wiring and anchoring to shape your bonsai tree.

Wild Rats

Wild rats are mammals that belong to the rodent family. Bearing the scientific name Rattus norvegicus, they are common all over the world. They are adaptable to any climate. Originating in Asia, they spread throughout the world, mostly onboard ships. It is believed that there are as many rats as people in the world.

Gardening Gloves

Whether you are a professional gardener or just a hobbyist, gardening gloves are a necessary tool. Gardening can potentially be a dangerous activity for some people. Dangers from insect bites, infections, and chemical fertilizers in the soil can seriously hurt a gardener. The use of gardening gloves is not only a smart thing, it should be mandatory.

Wholesale Fresh Flowers

Wholesale fresh flowers, refers to purchasing fresh flowers in bulk from direct wholesale traders. Fresh flowers are kept for only a limited amount of time, perhaps a week in most cases, if conditions are very good. As a result, fresh flowers that are not sold must be thrown out at the end of their term and replaced with brand new fresh flowers. Therefore, because of the high amount of waste that accumulates throughout the year, fresh flowers are usually marked up at a high rate. But on the other hand, if a company is selling the same amount of flowers as it maintains, the price can stay lower. Especially if the company is a wholesaler, flowers can stay even more inexpensive.

Wholesale Windchimes

When shopping around for wind chimes, it is important to remember what type matches your mood and style. Do you want something classic, or maybe a piece with a rustic design, or perhaps something a little more whimsical?

Tropical Plants

Tropical plants grow in areas that have hot and humid climate. Such plants are used for decoration and adornment of the garden, patios, and also indoor. Tropical plants are very popular because of their large foliage and their outstanding presence. With just a few pots and creativity, it is possible to give a forest look, with the generous greenery of the tropical plants. Elephant ears, bananas, caladiums, and other foliage plants are all tropical plants that are very popular.

Send a Dozen Roses

To send a dozen roses is to express great love and a sense of commitement to that special someone. When sending a dozen roses, all twelve roses can be of the same color, a mix of two contrast colors or multicolored. Together in a bunch, twelve roses form a beautiful bouquet. It has become a standard to send a dozen roses for that distinctive feeling.

Outdoor Trash Cans

Trash cans are generally a container for dirt and garbage. Most are purchased for functionality alone, but some people turn them into a dual-purpose instrument by making the trash can a decorative piece too.

Glass Wind Chimes

The rippling tinkling sound produced as each piece of glass in glass wind chimes sways and comes in contact with the other pieces while the wind blows is truly a pleasure to hear. The mere sound can spark your imagination. You will instantly feel as if you are surrounded by the marvels and beauty of nature – the chirping of the birds, the cascading flow of the river, or the rippling waves of the ocean.

Mosquito Control

The world over any place facing a mosquito problem is constantly researching into ways and means of curtailing the menace. It is a difficult task, as it is almost next to impossible to drive these insects out of existence. Their breeding patterns create them in millions each year. Certain Governments have taken this issue seriously and have set-up separate units dealing with mosquito control. Even pharmaceutical companies that are in the business of manufacturing repellants have a research and development team well in place.

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