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Lawn Aeration Saves Water and Money

If you are planning on fertilizing or reseeding your lawn,it is best to aerate just prior to doing so. This will help allow the fertilizer, seed, and other nutrients to penetrate your lawn and soil, thereby producing better results.

How to Plant Daisies in Your Garden, Easy Grow and Such Fun to Look at

Daisies have meanings just like roses, but they are easier to take care of. You’ll find plenty of joy in planting these flowers. You’ll find that their meanings will only heighten the garden’s attractiveness.

Tulips and Other Flowers – Just Imagine What You Can Do in The Garden

Tulips are also nice in price. They aren’t the cheapest, but they aren’t the most expensive. Keep in mind that the bulbs are more priced, because these are not seeds. You’ll need to consider that the garden is a wonderful way to pour your energy into. You’ll want to keep in mind that you don’t always have the energy to go into the garden and you may also find that these are one of the easiest plants to take care of.

Lawn Care In A Dry Climate – Rejuvenating A Worn Out Grass

Growing a fabulous lawn is largely a question of carrying out the routine maintenance correctly. Sometimes though, extra measures are required.

New Gardeners Guide to Planting a Container Garden

Container gardens give those people who don’t have yards or room for a “regular” garden a way to grow the gardens they crave. Now, they can have a garden on a deck, patio or in a window box or even inside their houses.

Down to Earth Gardening

The San Francisco Botanical Garden Society and Horticulture Magazine teamed up last week to present an informative garden design symposium on combining smart plant combinations and organic maintenance techniques. The event inspired Bay Area gardeners, such as yours truly, to explore and appreciate the themes of sustainable gardening, so that we not only have gorgeous backyards but responsible. We witnessed a dazzling slide show featuring some of the finest gardens working in harmony with nature. It was quite breathtaking and instead of feeling encouraged and motivated, I felt plain old jealous. Is that so wrong?

Orchid Rehab

Okay, Orchid Lady, I’m back in the game! But tell me now what is this witchcraft you perform to bring a dormant orchid back from the . . . dead? Turner claims that you can put an orchid in a greenhouse, pampering it a bit, sort of like “rehab”, for many months till it spikes again. . Soon after it will bloom again! This could take nine-months or longer. May we all breathe in patience and breathe out our type-A-ness.

Honda Riding Mower – Entrust Your Lawn

Honda is a rock solid brand with a great lineup of riding mowers. Learn the benefits of picking up one of these great mowers.

The Beauty of the Bonsai

This article delves into the exotic and historic world of bonsai trees and their cultivation. The fascinating origin of this botanical art form has caught on world wide and its appeal is talked about in this forum.

Organic Lawn Care – Weeding Out The Hype

Starting an organic lawn care program can be confusing. There is a lot of product out there and it is hard to know what to use where and when. Read about the different types of organic fertilizers that make up a good organic lawn care program.

Rooster Decor for the Garden

Whether you choose a formal or an informal garden, depends on your taste, but adding a garden rooster will bring a smile to any country gardener. Landscaping your yard is as personal a decision as decorating your home. There is a vast array of rooster garden items to choose. Take your time and make yourself happy with your choices.

Broccoli Growing and the Moon

A guide to the planting. culture and harvesting of Broccoli with lunar biodynamics. Take the moon into consideration when planting your brocolli.

Lawn Sprinklers

A healthy and lush lawn is the envy of all homeowners. Keeping a lawn looking great requires a good lawn sprinkler system. There are many options in a lawn sprinkler that will allow you to choose the system that is best for you and your lawns needs.

Indoor Gardening Tips

Sometimes you do not have enough space or the weather is not right to create an outdoor garden. In cases like this there is the option of indoor gardening. Indoor gardening allows you to grow plants and other things inside where you can always have a beautiful garden. You can grow almost anything in your indoor garden, but the key to success is planning. You have to understand the perfect elements that make indoor gardening bountiful.

Essential Equipment All Gardeners Should Have On Hand

If you’re planning on growing a garden, there are some basic pieces of equipment that you should have to make the job easier. Learn more about these time-tested pieces of equipment.

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