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Growing Organic Catnip

Whether you wish to grow your own catnip for your cat or to make some catnip tea, you will be happy to know that it is easy to grow. So, pick a sunny spot in your garden and let’s get started!

5 Tips For Happy Rose Bush Care

Choosing a rose bush to grow and planting it in a site in your garden is only one step towards being successful at rose bush care. In order for your rose bush to stay alive and remain healthy, it should be fed, watered, pruned, and mulched carefully and regularly. In caring for roses, you can anticipate that you will have your work cut out for you and that you must work closely with them, but it will all be worth the effort once you encounter their refreshing blossoms.

The Kids Wrecked My Garden – How I Stopped Them in 3 Easy Steps

I used to have a beautiful garden. Small and neat, full of plants and shrubs, my own little escape from the real world…

Propagating Houseplants

Do you want more houseplants? Or do you like giving people plants for mothers day and birthdays? There is a way to do this without running to the local nursery and spending more money.

How to Propagate Basil

Basil is one of the most popular herbs to grow in the home garden. It is often grown as an annual, but can be a perennial in warmer climates and when grown indoors. Propagating basil is fairly easy and can be accomplished using a few easy steps:

Raised Vegetable Garden Benefits

Are you searching for the perfect backyard vegetable garden? Do you have the room or the time? A raised vegetable garden just might be the answer. You will find that a raised vegetable garden is not expensive and easy to create.

What are Cuttings in Gardening

Taking cuttings requires slightly more dexterity than dividing plants, but is still surprisingly easy. This is certainly an important technique for a gardener to master, as some plants cannot be reproduced any other way.

A Greenhouse Gives You Fresh Food All Year Round

You can have fresh vegetables from your own garden all year round. You do not have to grow only vegetables that are in season either. You can grow summer vegetables in winter if you have a greenhouse.

Grow Healthier Vegetables in Your Greenhouse

The only sure way to have the best vegetables is to grow your own. The best way to grow your own vegetables is in your own greenhouse.

Build Your Own Greenhouse

Greenhouses come in many sizes so you should be able to find something to suit your needs. You can buy greenhouses in kit form or you can buy the materials and assemble it yourself. It is quite simple.

Hydroponic Gardening and Your Greenhouse

Hydroponic gardening and greenhouses would have to be the perfect partnership. Hydroponic gardening is the most efficient form of gardening. The plants are given optimum nutrition and water so they grow better than if they were placed in soil.

Planning a Greenhouse

You have decided to get a greenhouse. Congratulations, it will be an investment worth its weight in gold. You will save a fortune by growing your own plants, whether you choose vegetables or flowers or a mixture of both.

Healthy Greenhouses

I can enjoy the peace and tranquility of gardening without suffering from hay fever. I have a greenhouse. I can potter around with my plants and I am not exposing myself to any allergens.

Your Greenhouse Can Supply You With Variety

You often spend winter days dreaming of the summer. You long for the sun and the warmth. You imagine sipping long, cool drinks and nibbling on crisp salads that taste like the sun.

Prize Flowers in a Greenhouse

Grandfather needed to keep his plants away from the bees, the breeze and any thing else that might cause the flowers to be fertilised. He had to do it himself because he was trying to breed a special colour.

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