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Rain Barrels Look Good and Help to Save Water

There is an immediate need for water conservation because the world’s available supply of fresh water is shrinking; one way to help conserve water is with the installation of a rain barrel. Right now there are 600 million people in the world who are living with water-scarcity problems.

What Do I Plant in a Flower Box? Here Are Some Creative Ideas!

What do I plant in a flower box? This is a very good question, and although the obvious answer is “flowers,” it’s always a great idea to consider what types of flowers are most suitable for your situation and desires.

Building the Mediterranean Garden in Your Backyard

The Mediterranean garden is gaining popularity today and there are reasons for this like the plants, bushes and trees that return year after year. This is also a romantic garden that can be used for a hide away or an extension for the patio.

Growing Fresh Herbs – What You Need to Know

Do you want to provide your family with wholesome food and save money in the process? Well growing fresh herbs is the way to create a tasty meal and nutritious meal.

When Do Primroses Flower? And Other Questions Answered

When do primroses flower? This is a good question, and important to have answered if you are planning a primrose garden.

Synthetic Grass is Vital to Water Conservation

Synthetic grass is man made surface manufactured from synthetic materials, made to look like natural grass. Many clubs have installed synthetic grass surfaces, most commonly as part of an all-weather training capability.

Lawn Care Tips Article

When mowing, the key to success is little and often – ‘little’ in this case meaning not too closely. Light cutting encourages the grass to produce extra shoots, and stunts weeds and coarse grasses. Most lawnmowers offer the facility of raising or lowering the height of cut. Mower blades need to be set at different levels according to the weather and amount of growth.

Free Gardening Magazines

If you love gardening, it would be great to learn the ideas, advices, and tips that will enhance your creativity in building an attractive garden. Of course aside from the Internet, books and magazines can be a great source for you. But the most recommended source would be gardening magazines, which can be very expensive when purchased.

Supplies For Wall Gardening

Fences and walls are important parts of most landscapes and home gardens. With this, it is always important to make it durable and attractive if possible. Fences and walls usually define the garden areas as well as surround the backyards of the houses. However, some people always think that fences and walls are just vertical spaces for garden places.

Garden Life Product

Most of the people nowadays think of some health products that can help in the longevity of their life. Illnesses can be easily acquired nowadays and lots of food supplements are made also nowadays. And most of them also claim to help you have a healthy life. These food supplements are made in order to prevent the development of some illnesses.

Outsmarting a Green Bean-Obsessed Bunny

I almost didn’t have any green beans this year, thanks to a bunny. Last year I didn’t get any green beans at all thanks to a bunny. He dug up the seeds before they germinated and the plants never came up, despite a couple rounds of planting.

Fragrant Night Bloomers – Four O’Clocks

Looking for a fragrant flower to plant near your home’s entrance? Try Four O’Clocks–they’re easy to grow and bloom all summer long.

Starting a Rose Garden

Roses are not just known as a flower. They say that giving a rose can express lots of feeling and every color, arrangement, and quantity can give lots of different meaning. The reason why lots of people are fascinated with roses and roses is also the most chosen flower when giving gift especially to their love one. Not only can the rose itself give so much attraction to the people, but the rose garden also.

Container Plant Rx – Remedies 1-5 For the Green Thumb Blues

If you’ve killed enough plants in your time to fill a small forest, you’re not alone. The important thing is that you’ve learned from your gardening mishaps and didn’t decide to throw in the trowel just because of a few bad experiences. If, on the other hand, you’re still mystified by what went wrong, take a look at the top five most common remedies for container plants in decline.

Meaning of Rose Flower Colors

The rose flowers represent love and romance as it meanings. However, all rose flowers have its own attributed meanings depending on the color it possesses. The meaning of rose flower colors used to deliver various messages to people either between friends or lovers. This tradition had originated during the strict era of Victorian age where passionate and romantic messages between lovers are interchanged through the forms of innocent looking bouquet of rose flowers with different colors.

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