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How to Choose Quality Plants at a Nursery Or Garden Center

When you buy a plant at a nursery or garden center you want one which will perform it’s best when you get it home. If it’s an annual you want to see it covered in flowers all summer long and for a shrub you want to see it making a bold statement in the garden. I’ve laid out here a few tips for buying the best quality plants.

Make Your Home Garden a Little Different From Others!

What so ever may be your gardening problem, here you go with the perfect answer. You too will find that there are many other alternative solutions as well.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil, most often in a soilless mix. When using hydroponics such as an ebb and flow hydroponics system, the nutrient uptake and grow medium oxygen content can be controlled easily. Being able to manage both of these aspects of growth gives the grower bigger yields in a shorter amount of time.

The Finest Art of Caring For Roses

One of the best gifts nature has given to human beings is the presence of flowers. And among the flowers that exist here on earth, is there anything that can take the place of roses? No flowers have ever reached the level of fame that they give. An addicted gardener cannot make his garden complete without the presence of roses.

The 7 Easiest Types of Orchids to Grow

One of the quickest way to get a thriving orchid garden is choosing the best orchids and the conditions for them to grow. Below in this article there are 7 types of orchids that are discussed and are found to be the easiest to grow, even if you are a complete novice to orchid gardening.

Growing Onions

Onions right out of the garden make some of the best eating available.  They are high in vitamin C and taste wonderful.

Designing an Informal Herb Garden

As the very name suggests that the informal herb garden is informal. By informal we mean no strict rules to follow. You can grow herbs in whatever style and match, you wish.

How to Plant Blackberries

Carrying Rubus as it genus and Rosaceae as its family, Blackberry is considered to be an aggregate fruit known as a perennial plant bearing biennial stems. Having a nutritional content containing dietary fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K, the fruit is highly recommended by all. Blackberries are also known to be good sources of manganese, beta carotene and lutein.

How to Plant Bananas

Plenty of preparation is required to grow any type of plant and bananas are no exception. When planting bananas you need to pay special attention to the soil before planting the stems i.e. the rhizomes.

Mulching Explained

Mulching does more than make a garden look neat.  It conserves water and helps keep weeds and diseases at bay.

Herb Growing in Your Own Home

In this article you will understand that herb growing is categorized into two kinds. You need to know them very well so that you will also know how to take care of them. Knowing how to grow these fantastic and beneficial plants is also essential.

Growing Tomatoes Upside Down – What You Need to Know?

I have been growing tomatoes for quite some time now. In fact, I love growing all kinds of vegetables. But there is just one problem, the space. You see I live in an apartment in the metropolis. And the only space I have is the roof top.

Exotic Plants Have Brazen Foliage, Extravagant Colors, and Heavenly Scents That Thrill the Senses

Some poisonous plants are also exotic, and make good houseplants. Most of them have thorns in them, but still, they are attractive. The crown of thorns is a good example. It has large numbers of beautiful flowers, and can survive for many decades. But, if you have children, the crown of thorns may not be suitable for you.

Growing Garden Seeds

Garden seeds are amazing. It seems incredible that a plant can develop from a tiny, brown, dry granule. No matter how old you are, or what you’re planting, you still get satisfaction from nurturing plants from seed.

How to Plant Bamboo

Planting a bamboo plant is considered to be more complex than planting several other plants. But that does not mean that it cannot be done. Here, we provide you with the basics that will ensure you a well cultivated bamboo plant.

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