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Knot Gardens – No, You Don’t Actually Grow Knots

A knot garden is composed of a square plot of ground. Inside the plants are situated so that they appear to form “ribbons” that cross over each other and appear to be “knots” of plants. The designs are symmetrical the same way a crossword puzzle is symmetrical.

When to Plant Roses

Amongst amateur gardeners, when to plant roses is an oft-repeated query. Well, this is not surprising as knowing when to plant matters as much as knowing what, where and how to plant roses do to any gardener.

Garlic As An Organic Pesticide

When you think of garlic, you would never think that it is a natural garden pesticide. While many of us cook with garlic, many people have found a multitude of uses, such as a pesticide that is natural and organic and won’t put toxins in you and your family, harm the environment, is easy and inexpensive to make.

What is the Best Time of Year For Rose Planting

If you live in the eastern part of the United States for example, there are actually two times of year you can do your rose planting, in the spring between March and June and again in the fall in October or November. With some varieties, it is best to plant in the spring. With other varieties, it is preferable to do your rose planting in early fall.

Top Tips on How to Eradicate Poison Ivy

Come into any form of contact with this nasty plant and you will need poison ivy treatment. In fact the faster you get it, the better.

Is Dead Poison Ivy Safe? Your Question Answered Here

There are several common questions associated with poison ivy. A very common question asked is this: Is dead poison ivy safe? The answer is no.

Hydroponics – Getting Started

if you want to grow plants indoors can it be done? Yes is the answer, and this article will help guide you on your way to successful growing. Remember, the more you know the more you can grow.

What’s New in Fresh Flower Trends in Your Local Florist Shop?

Elegant mini callas, in a range of chic colors, are way more plentiful and affordable than they used to be. Flower growers are providing improved varieties that yield a longer vase life-up to three weeks. They may tweak soil treatments to get striking new colors.

How to Save Water in Your Garden and Lawn – 5 Tips

Watering your lawn, garden, and other plants can take a lot of water. Here are 5 tips to minimize your water usage.

Fabulous Way to Recycle Paper and Cardboard

Homesteader shares secrets about recycling! I don’t like to do things the hard way, therefore I sought a way to reuse what I had already struggled financially to purchase. Best of all no more weeds underfoot.

Organic Gardening Guide – Read One Written by the Experts

Have you thought of putting an organic garden in your backyard? More and more people are thinking about this right now, mostly because money is tight. When there isn’t enough money to go around, usually there isn’t enough food to go around, so by providing your own food, you can free up a good portion of your monthly budget.

Learn From the Experts – Organic Gardening For Beginners

We all know that organic food is much better for us. We know it when we taste it. We also know all the chemicals that are used in the production of commercially bought food and know that it isn’t good for our bodies, or for the earth. By growing your own food in your own garden, you make a little difference in the world, and a big difference in the taste of your food. Organic food tastes great!

Using Organic Gardening Books For Your Garden Success

Have you ever eaten a tomato out of someone’s backyard garden? Pick it right off the vine and you know that it is safe and it doesn’t even need to be washed. The only thing that has touched that piece of fruit is water and maybe a few insects. There are no chemicals, there are no fertilizers utilized in its growth, and the taste is astounding.

4 Secrets on When to Prune Roses

Following these simple steps will ensure you have a wonderfully vibrant and colorful garden when spring comes back around. When growing a garden, it is important to know when to prune roses in order to keep them healthy and strong. Knowing when it is time for pruning is as important as knowing how the pruning process should be done.

How to Grow Butternut Squash

Raising butternut squash is a simple endeavor especially if you prepare and arm yourself with the knowledge that you need before planting your first butternut squash seeds in your garden. This variety of squash thrives in a warm temperature and needs a good amount of fertilizer to grow properly.

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