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Garden Lights – Alternative Energy Options

Your garden lighting doesn’t always have to run on electricity. You might want to try using candles, flares, torches, or lanterns, although many of these options tend to work best around seating areas. For the rest of your garden, you may want to try solar lighting, which is covered below.

You Can Keep Deer Away From Your Plants by Using Garden Fencing

Deer have become a huge problem in areas that are not highly populated as they are eating the plants in these homes. If you want to keep the deer out, you will need to have garden fencing. Deer are coming into human areas because of many reasons. One of them is that there is simply not enough room for all the deer. Areas that were once dedicated to the deer are now being built up for humans who are looking to get further and further away from the cities.

Garden Lighting – Six Great Ideas

Garden and landscape lights are great – they allow you to create and enjoy a beautiful ambience in your garden at night. They’ll also make it much safer to walk around in the dark, especially if you have kids! As you’re thinking about the lighting you’d like to install, you’ll likely want to try one or more of these great ideas:

The Dangers of Autumn Leaves

Although fallen leaves look beautiful for the first couple of days, after a good down pour followed by being walked or driven over those same leaves turn in to a horrible brown slushy mess. Not only do those leave look horrible they can also pose some serious dangers that should not be overlooked.

Who Else Wants to Grow Celery This Year?

Celery is a vegetable that is somewhat difficult to grow. However, if you have patience you’ll be rewarded with fresh, crisp celery your whole family can enjoy. So what makes celery a difficult crop to grow?

Growing Asparagus in Your Vegetable Garden

You may have notice while at the grocery store asparagus is quite expensive. If you enjoy the vegetable and have the space, growing asparagus can be easily done right outside your door.

Garden Ponds For Beginners

Garden ponds can make or break any garden, it’s a misconception that you need a large garden to have a garden pond. A small water feature or a pond built to keep a few plants like Lilly’s doesn’t have to look tacky. It’s very easy to find a professional looking water feature for most gardens, if your willing to do a little searching and bargain hunting.

Gardening Soil – Analyzing It’s Health

Gardening soil needs to be healthy for your plants to thrive. Analyzing your garden’s soil with three basic steps. You can greatly benefit the productivity of your garden.

Garden Sand – Organic Soil Amendments For a Healthy Structure

Garden sand can be amended with organic matter to improve it’s structure. A good healthy garden soil amendment to use is compost.

The Basic Tools Needed to Start Your Organic Garden

Tips you should know when purchasing tools for your organic garden. A few basic tools is all you need with this method of gardening.

The Most Common Mistakes When Starting a Garden

Tips you should know to have a successful organic garden. Vegetable, flower, herb and fruit gardens need a little simple planning before starting to have thriving crops.

Choosing the Style of Organic Garden You Want to Grow

The excitement of creating an organic garden can be a challenge as well as a rewarding experience. There are many styles to choose from, like raised beds, containers, window boxes, traditional row gardens and indoor gardening.

Choosing Plants That Will Grow Best in Your Organic Garden

Choosing the right plants for your area is very important when growing an organic garden. Gardening along with nature and using a plant choice that will thrive in your area will produce a thriving crop.

Hot Weather Tropical Orchids

The steamy rainforests in countries close to and below the equator of the earth are home to some of the most beautiful and largest families of orchids. These stunning and resilient plants can be found here in the most unusual dwellings, ranging from far above in the shady trees to down below on the forest floor. They are even found on rocks or other natural porous materials.

How to Get Started Gardening – Seven Tips For Beginners

Gardening can be a fun and exciting hobby – but it’s also a lot of hard work. But with proper planning and knowledge of your environment, you should be able to get your garden right the first time.

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