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A Beginners Guide To Orchids And Orchid Growing

One of the most popular and expensive flowers to grow is the orchid. So how do you get started growing orchids?

Pineapple Top Plant

How would you like to have your own piece of the tropics growing in your home, garden or greenhouse. Why not have a go at growing that most useful of the bromeliads yourself, the Pineapple.

Container Flower Gardening – 3 Simple Steps!

Growing flowers in containers is easy. In this article I will give you three amazingly simple steps to instantly skyrocket your success growing flowers in containers and small spaces.

I Couldn’t Grow My Own Herbs

A brief overview of herb gardening. Outlining that these hardy and versatile plants are not only easy to grow, decorative and fragrant. They also have have a wide range of practical uses especially in cooking and medicine.

Plant Presents From Your Own Garden

If you are looking for ways for you or your children to provide cheap presents for the extended family, or just like to give gifts that have a personal element to them, then here is a suggestion or two for you.

Some Glasshouses Don’t Shatter

When propagating your cuttings or seedlings, are you held back by the lack of having a glasshouse or cold frame? Well no longer is this the case, in these days of disposable everything.

How To Grow Organic Brassicas – One Of The Top 10 Super-Foods

Brassicas – contain lots of vitamin C and some other useful phyto-nutrients. They are also high in calcium, folate, carotenoids, potassium and fibre. Brassicas include many commonly grown vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. But did you know that mustard, swedes, kale, kohlrabi, pak-choi, Chinese cabbage and turnip all belong to the same genus?

Grow Your Own Garden Fruit Trees for Real Fruit

When visiting a supermarket have you never wished you had a few garden fruit trees? Have you ever noticed how purchased fruit these days is bit inconsistent in quality? Sometimes it will be fine, but mostly is tasteless, too hard or too soft. The pears are rock hard, you can push your fingers through the plums, and the peaches start growing mould before they are soft enough to eat.

Grandma’s Yard – My Own Little Piece of Paradise

One of the treasures of my childhood memories is my Grandma and her special home. Grandma’s yard was like something that you would see in an outdoor living magazine and to a kid it was like a fairy tale place.

Landscaping Ideas for Your Herb Garden

You have just started an herb garden in your yard, and so far you haven’t done much with it. It really is just a patch of the lawn that you dug up. You need to make it a garden that adds to the overall decoration of your lawn. So, you are in need of some landscaping ideas.

Dirt Therapy

Dirt therapy is what I call it when I plunge my hands deep into the soil and come up with unexpected items. I have discovered a new use for the Christmas lights that have been hanging on my house since the Christmas of 2001…

The Most Popular Types of Tropical Trees

What kind of tropical tree do people like to keep in their house or in their garden. You will find it here.

About Tree’s Classified As Evergreen

Evergreen tree’s have so much we can learn about them. Find out more with this article.

The Relationship Between a Tropical Tree And Roots

Why are roots are essential to tropical tree’s. A close relationship exist between them. Learn it here.

The Reproduction Patterns of a Tropical Tree

How do tropical tree reproduce themselves? You will learn about different habits and patterns.

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