FALL Planting and Re-Planting Update

Attracting Birds With a Bird Friendly Yard

Attracting birds to your lawn and garden can be so much fun. It is really fairly easy once you know what to do. By trial and error I have found it to be not only fun but also very rewarding.

How to Grow Strawberries

A simple guide to growing strawberries, whether you have room for a full plot or just want to use a container or hanging basket. How to plant, how to protect and nurture and keep pests at bay.

The Black Rose?

This is to explain the myth of the black rose. Do they really exist? Does nature create black flowers? The true story.

The Do’s and Don’t of Composting Materials

It is important to know how to compost all forms of materials, some really useful information is included here. Dairy products, fat and bones can be processed in a special composter specially designed to handle them.

Getting the Right Compost Mix

Getting the right mix for your compost is vitally important. Just follow some simple rules and it is really easy.

Coleus Varieties For Planters

Coleus comes in a number of varieties suitable for planters. It offers several advantages. First, it demands little in the way of care. Most types prefer shade, but some can grow well in planters that must remain in the sun.

Reasons to Grow Vegetables

There are times that we want to eat fresh green salad but we are worried because it might be contaminated by chemical fertilizers. We can buy organic greens but the cost of organic vegetables is skyrocketing and we don’t want to spend too much money for it. The solution is to grow your own organic greens.

How to Prepare For Organic Rose Gardening

The more people that join in on this healthier way of growing plants and vegetables, the more that our society and our environment will benefit from its many advantages. There are more flower garden growers than ever before that are showing an interest in learning the unique secrets of how to prepare for organic rose gardening.

Inexpensively Propagate Tomato Plants From Seed

The least expensive method of growing tomatoes is to grow them from seed. Growing tomatoes from seed has the added benefit of allowing you to get a jump start on the growing season.

Good Choices For Planters in the Shade

When you grow plants in planters, you can move arrangements easily from one location to another. You can also maintain a garden in tight spaces or even apartments where you have no access to a gardening plot. Of course, you should evaluate the levels of light, as well as the moisture of soil required by each plant to provide the best growing environment. The following plants are all good choices for planters that lie in the shade.

Using Grass Seed to Have the Best Lawn

Does your lawn have spots that need a little work? Maybe you’ve moved into a new house and need to sow an entire yard? Here is how to find and plant grass seed that will give you great results.

Wood, Concrete, Resin, and Ceramic Garden Planters

A drab, plain looking yard can be turned into a great display of color and character with garden planters. Whether they are made to hang on a wall or sit in the yard, garden planters can be a classy alternative to a whole garden. Each material used to make garden planters offer unique characteristics.

Accessories For Garden Planters

For those who do not already have a garden in the yard, garden planters can be an easy way to maintain a colorful environment. Adding a theme to the yard is almost effortless with garden planters because of the wide variety of options and accessories available. There are many accessories that will harmoniously join with whatever garden planter you choose to and create an inviting, classic environment.

Compost Crock

Do you find yourself throwing out your kitchen scraps because you’re too lazy to bring them outside to your compost bin? With a compost crock you can save those compost ingredients until you’re ready to use them. Learn more about owning a compost crock in this article.

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Birds adds vitality to your garden. You can set up bird feeders, plant flowering bushes and evergreen shrubs and include water bodies in your garden for this purpose. These birds would be a daily source of entertainment to you.

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