Fall Containers that Bloom like Crazy!

How to Make Garden Compost

Does the thought of making making compost make you cringe? Learning how to make garden compost can be easy and rewarding and does not have to be complex. All you need are the ingredients and let nature takes it’s course. Add in a little know how and you have the winning combination for making your own compost.

Ednometriosis and Flower Remedies – Poppy

Poppy contains alkaloids. they are chemical compound that help to relieve the tension of nervous system for all causes, therefore it also reduces the menstrual cramps for women with endometriosis caused by over active uterine muscles.

Would You Like to Grow Your Own Blueberry Plants? If So, Here is the Best Way to Be Successful

Blueberries are said to have the highest concentration of antioxidants found in any fruit. Not only that they are great tasting and can be added to many recipes. Here is how to grow them in your own backyard.

Orchid Re-Potting Made Easy

If you prefer to keep your plants in your house or do not plant them outside then you must know how to pot your orchids. I will discuss what type of containers are suitable for this job and how to go about potting orchids to keep them thriving and flowering for many years.

20 Ways to Eliminate Garden Pests – Safely and Inexpensively

Insects, slugs, birds, rabbits and deer are just a few creatures that can threaten the well-being of your garden’s plants. But, you don’t need to use expensive and potentially dangerous chemicals to protect your garden from the pests that threaten to destroy it. Instead, you can use common household items and ingredients to do the job.

Landscaping – Plant and Shrub Protection

How to protect your favorite plants and shrubs from winter and frost and rodent damage. There’s nothing worse than spending hundreds maybe thousands of dollars on new plants and shrubs for your landscape only to have them damaged by Mother Nature. Plant and shrub protection is very important especially in a young landscape.

Organic Garden Pesticides

Using Organic Garden Pesticides makes our vegetables safer and also protects our environment. By using only Organic Garden Pesticides you are not putting dangerous toxic chemicals into your plants and are not putting these toxic chemical into your garden. You can easily make natural garden pesticides in your home without adding any of the injurious chemical in it. They are inexpensive and simple to prepare and are eco friendly as well. I hope I can give you some tips and tricks to make your garden, insect free and healthy.

Organic Gardening – An Early Crop of Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a vegetable that can be grown as an ornamental plant, incorporated in your edible landscape or in the garden. It is a vegetable that is most commonly prepared and eaten as a fruit, in pies, ice cream, jams and jellies. It is a cool weather perennial crop that is grown for its fibrous celery-like leaf stalks, that have a delicious sweet-tart taste.

Oyster Mushroom Grow Kits – An Easier Way of Growing Mushrooms

In the world of Mycology the overwhelming opinion is that by far the easiest mushroom of all to grow is the very popular and interesting oyster mushroom, or Pleurotus Ostreatus. In this article we explain how to grow these from oyster mushroom grow kits, a very simple and exciting process.

Are Synthetic Fertilizers Sterilizing Our Lawns?

In the current climate of “going green” there is more talk of our soils being sterile from repeated use of synthetic fertilizers. Others are even saying our lawns are now “addicted” to synthetic nitrogen. Is this true? A basic knowledge of soil science and how fertilizers work will shed light on the this subject.

Battling Garden Pests

When it comes to garden pests slugs and snails are probably at or very near the top of every gardener’s pest list? But as EU legislation aided by new scientific research and discovery imposes more and more restrictions and/or bans on the use of agricultural chemicals which is bad news for some gardeners. So without the assistance of any chemical arsenal, how can gardeners achieve a happy and healthy slug free environment?

Hosta Happiness – Dividing and Transplanting

Hosta happiness will warm the shady places in your yard all summer long. These are the first to pop up in the spring, and their green or variegated leaves stay bright all summer long.

Hosta Happiness – Why You Should Grow These Awesome Plants

Hosta happiness is easy to attain with these bright, low-maintenance plants. That out-of-the-way spot in your yard will thank you for adding a little color.

Planning an Organic Garden

Would you like to grow your own organic food, but just don’t know where to begin? Learn how to plan your own organic garden with this simple, easy-to-understand guide.

Types of Soil

Soils are a very important factor in gardening. They decide which kinds of plants you grow and the fertility is closely related to the plants growth. There are many types of soils; therefore you should design your garden according to the soil in your area.

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