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Tips For Growing Orchids Indoors

Many people prefer growing orchids indoors instead of outside. If you want to grow your plants inside your home, there are a few things you should know.

Important First Steps In How To Care For Bonsai Trees

The care for bonsai trees is a great hobby. However, for a lot of beginners, they find their newly acquired bonsai dead within the first couple of weeks after bringing them home. Bonsai trees are very sensitive to their environment. Following below are a few tips to remember in how to care for bonsai trees.

A Quick Guide To Pruning

Winter, or fall as they say in America, is traditionally the best time to prune back your plants, shrubs and trees. This is best done while they are dormant and by thinning and clearing old dead sections, the plant is at it’s best, to start to new growth and buds in the Spring. For Southern hemisphere gardens, that time is now. For those living in the Northern hemisphere, get ready and learn a few tips.

A Pot of Pastel Colours for Summer

Buck the trend for hot sizzling summer colours and opt for cool pastels instead. Osteospermum There are lots of little osteospermums in garden centres and nurseries in the summer months of May June and heaps of colour choice.I like them because they flower well into autumn and if we have a mild winter they should survive.

Taking Care Of Bonsai Trees

Many people love bonsai trees because of their distinct beauty and grace. But bonsai trees are not a new phenomenon. The history of bonsai goes far back in time. Small trees were found in Egypt that were dating back about 2000 years. The Indian herbalists, too, had dwarfed plants that they carried in containers. So the idea of growing dwarf trees and plants is not new. The secret to growing beautiful bonsai trees is intriguing and gardeners have learned some helpful methods in their care of bonsai trees.

God and 16 Nutrients

Fertilizing begonia is not food for the begonia; all plants make their own food through process called photosynthesis, the begonia plant utilizes filtered light from the sun this creates sugars from carbon dioxide, water thus the begonia is feeding itself. Think about it when was the last time you invited Begonia to dinner?

Water Gardens Designed For Wildlife

Water gardens designed for wildlife are sure to bring you many hours of viewing pleasure. Birds will take a sip of water from even a simple tub, and they’ll bathe in a splashing fountain.

A Guide to Orchid Pest Control

It is common for orchid growers to have problems with various pests. Calling an exterminator for orchid pest control is often unnecessary as well as expensive. This article will…

Climbing Vines: A Rundown

There are many different kinds of vines out there that you can put in your garden. Some could be better than others for your particular garden depending on many different details such as how much sun light it will get, what kind of dirt they will be in, how much water they will get, and what else is planted in the garden to name a few.

How To Edge Your Lawn

You have seen those perfectly edged lawns, and now you want one. The only question is how to get that perfect edge that you have seen all over the place, and what equipment you need to achieve that edge. There are a number of tools you can use to get that perfect edge.

Organic Gardening For Beginners And Experts

Natural organic gardening isn’t new. The scam of factory/scientific/chemical farming only started up during the world war, and is very bad for your health.

The Best Time Of Day To Water Your Lawn

What is the best time of day to water your lawn? This is a very common question that just about everybody with a lawn wants to know. I have heard of and seen many practices regarding this topic, and I have come to the conclusion that many people have it wrong. Even people who have done research and combine the research with their common sense often get it wrong.

When To Water Your Lawn Or Garden And How Much Water To Use

Watering your lawn, garden, bushes, and/or trees is absolutely vital to their survival, unless, of course, you really like cacti. But assuming that you are trying to grow something that that will most probably never send you to the hospital, you will most probably need to water it properly. The key word is properly. Watering improperly is easy.

How To Find A Landscaper

Summer is finally here. And summer means little league baseball, ice cold soda, and some good old gardening. Baseball and soda are easy, but when you think about gardening, your bright smile may diminish a little. You remember all those crazy little details included in gardening which always manage to bring on a terrible headache.

Gardening Basics: Do You Know Your Garden Zone?

When starting out as a gardener, there are many many things you don’t as yet know. In fact, quite often you might not even realize what you don’t know, which means they may not be a problem at the beginning. However, as your experience grows and you become anxious to try out new garden styles, various flowers, plants or shrubs, you’ll realize you’re going to have to start learning some gardening basics.

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