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Dream Garden, Small Space

I grew up with a mom who loved to garden. Each spring she’d recruit my sisters and I to clean up the garden, turn the soil, and get it ready for spring planting. Now that I’m older, married, and live with my husband in a small home, there is not enough room the magnificent garden that my mom had, but alas I’ve not given up hope. I’ve managed to take what little soil I can call my own and transform it into a beautiful vegetable garden.

4 Reasons Humus Builds Bumper Crops

Humus is one of the most amazing and fascinating aspects of gardening. Humus is defined as “a brown or black complex variable material resulting from partial decomposition of plant or animal matter and forming the organic portion of soil.” Known by a variety of names, humus can be referred to as dead organic matter, humid acid, brown coal, or peat.

Plant a Garden – A Patriotic Duty to Life

Fight the food shortage and plant a garden. Even someone with just a little space, can grow some vegetables and make a difference – go green thumb.

Tips For Creating a Spectacular Garden

Gloves should be worn to protect your hands, especially when gardening around thorny or prickly bushes and plants. Leather works best and will usually last longer than those made of other materials. A good pair of pruning shears is essential for making clean cuts on plants.

Landscaping Weed Barrier Fabric – How to Install Landscape Fabric

How to install landscaping fabric correctly. To get the best results and most years out of landscape fabrics is a two part process. Preparing the project area is just as important as the quality of material you use. Here are a few tips to help in preparing the work area and installing the fabric.

Garden Shopping Online

I’m going to buy a shed outright. No mortgage, no loan, no stamp duty, no worries. It’s going to be my shed and my space and I’m going to defend it with the dexterity of NATO. Because I need space. A shed kind of space.

Manage Your Lawn & Garden Weeds – Don’t Let Them Manage You

Fighting with weeds is an age old problem. You may never actually win the war with weeds but you can try to bring them under control.

Leaf Blight in Your Garden – Symptoms and Cure

Some tips on how to spot the signs of leaf blight in your garden. This disease can be controlled if you catch it early, through some basic lawn care tips.

Grow Light Systems Add Value to Indoor Gardening

Grow light systems not only enable indoor growing during colder months, but for city dwellers where space is limited, they provide the ability to literally turn an enclosed patio, basement or even a closet into a garden. Plants that are fairly easy to grow include berries, tomatoes, herbs and flowering bulbs such as daffodils, onions and lilies. You can also grow just about any herb you can think of!

Why Grow a Canning Garden?

Growing a garden specifically for canning or freezing foods is a popular hobby mainly because gardeners know just how much healthier home grown food is for their families, especially when compared to a lot of what’s available at your local grocery store. If you’re just starting out, growing a garden for canning can quite easy or complex, whichever you choose. How complex depends on the personal preferences and desires of you, the gardener.

Common Tomato Diseases – the Causes, The Symptoms and the Cures

Do you know what diseases to look for on your tomatoes? Keep your tomato crop in top shape by avoiding some common diseases.

Organic Container Gardening Secrets – How to Container Garden Easily With No Space

Do you want fresh organic vegetables but don’t have space for a garden? It is your lucky day because I have the solution for you. Organic container gardening fits just about anywhere, and it’s even easier than having an organic garden plot.

Tree Trimming Austin – The Importance of Pruning

Proper tree pruning can help save your trees when the winds pick up. Texas weather can change on a dime and wind storms can be unpredictable. Downed limbs can pose road hazards.

Here’s What I Found About Gardening Tools

Before everything else, whether you are a new person or a real expert in gardening, be aware that gardening gloves are the answers to forestalling roughened, stubbed skin. You just can’t tell what sort of infection you may possibly end up having if you are not rightly protected when working in the open air.

Homemade Greenhouse – Build it For Less Using Local Materials and Basic Tools

A homemade greenhouse makes sense if you want to get rid of that ever rising produce bill at the grocery store. Build a homemade greenhouse in your backyard and save more than 50% over the cost of a commercial kit. Afraid to build your own greenhouse? Don’t be, it isn’t that difficult, and it can pay for itself in savings in a couple of years — I’ve built three with no previous experience and they work great. It doesn’t take much room, and it doesn’t take extraordinary skills to build a nice greenhouse to help you avoid that produce bill all year long.

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