Even the Pioneers Didn’t Raise ALL of Their Own Food

The Pleasure Of Gardening Indoor

Gardening indoor can bring peace and relaxation and also beautify any area or room in the house. Learn more.

All You Need To Know About Garden Fountains

Garden Fountains can create a focal centerpiece in any garden. Learn more.

Beautiful Lawn Today

“Curb Appeal” in reference to houses. In order to enhance your home’s “curb appeal”, a great looking lawn is a must. Easily said, but how do you get and keep that great looking lawn? Here are some tips that are sure to create and keep a great looking lawn and enhance your 1 . Have your soil tested by your local Cooperative Extension Service. Find out what your lawn needs

Garden Statues Can Give Your Garden That Exclusive Look

Garden Statues can inject class and distinction to any garden. Learn more.

Tips For Installing And Maintaining Water Gardens

Water Gardens can be a a beautiful and tranquil addition to any garden. Learn more.

All You Need To Know About A Garden Tractor

Selecting the right garden tractor for your garden is as important as buying the right car. Learn more.

Grey Gardens Within Green Gardens For A Different Look

Grey gardens are generally low maintenance and hassle free. Learn more.

Perennials Are Great Additions to Any Garden

Choose perennials for a different and interesting look to your garden. Learn more.

How To Start Your Own Herb Gardening

Grow and use your own herbs. You’ll be healthier and it might just save your life.

New Control Techniques for Those Pesky Moles!

Recently there have been some new innovations in the control of moles. A recent addition to the trap family is the No-Mole product. The No-Mole is a totally different design with a type of jaws that form the shape of an L.

Starting a Garden From Scratch-Preparing the Planting Site for Perennial and Annuals

Perennials and annuals must be grown in an area of the garden that has a significant amount of sun, moisture, nutrients, drainage, and air circulation. If you already have an established planting area, then you do not have to worry about the preparation of the planting site. But if you’re starting from scratch, there are several considerations you have to take into account.

Outdoor Furniture-Decor Outside The Door-Beautify Your Home Even More

Enhance your garden, pond, or patio with the beauty of outdoor furniture. There are several types of outdoor furniture to choose from, depending on your overall outdoor home decor, and of course, your personal taste. There are options out there for all kinds of furniture from teak tables and chairs, to wicker furniture, aluminum, metal outdoor furniture, and much, much more.

Garden Furniture Adds Comfort to Your Garden

One of the most enjoyable places in a home is its garden. People want a garden which is attractive as well as pleasing. With proper design and planning a garden can be made to look marvelous. Garden furniture is useful when a person wants to enjoy and admire the beauty and tranquility of a garden in full bloom. A garden that adds to the charm of a house needs special garden furniture to appreciate the finished effect of a beautiful home and its grounds. With the wide variety of garden furniture available today, it is easy to find furniture that will look great with any style of garden.

Create Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are becoming quite popular, and why shouldn’t they? What better way is there to expand your square footage without building an addition? Making your yard, garden, or patio feel like an extension of your home is one of the best ways to create more useable space.

Tips For Creating A Garden To Enhance Your Home

Here is how to plan your garden perfectly and how to keep it looking great all year.

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