Evaluating efficacy of distinctive biostimulants for hydroponically grown lettuce

Biostimulants can boost horticultural crop production. Nonetheless, their application in hydroponically developed lettuce is nevertheless constrained, and details relating to their relative efficacy is missing. A greenhouse demo was done to address this concern. 5 nutrient solution treatments were being evaluated on two lettuce cultivars: butterhead and pink oak-leaf.

The therapies involved a fifty percent-toughness modified Hoagland option (Hs-H) a whole-strength modified Hoagland solution (Fs-H) and Hs-H supplemented with 50 mg L−1 fulvic acid (FA), 334 mg L−1 seaweed extract (SE), or 5 mL L−1 gamma polyglutamic acid (PGA). The final results indicated that the shoot biomass noticed immediately after biostimulant supplementation was substantially larger than or equivalent to that observed with Fs-H. Nutrient solutions supplemented with SE and PGA led to a bigger boost in the root biomass than that realized with Hs-H and Fs-H therapies. The Hs-H + FA therapy resulted in the most affordable root-to-shoot ratio on a contemporary excess weight foundation amongst all therapies.

The nitrate focus in the shoot was significantly reduced pursuing biostimulant supplementation in contrast to that understood with Fs-H and Hs-H remedies. Nutrient answers supplemented with SE and PGA also diminished soluble sugar concentrations compared to that obtained making use of Hs-H and Fs-H treatments. FA and SE improved nutrient uptake for each cultivars, but PGA had a negligible outcome on nutrient uptake. The two cultivars diversified in their responses to biostimulant supplementation with regard to biomass, top quality traits, and nutrient uptake. This analyze supports utilizing fulvic acid and seaweed extract, rather than γ-PGA, in hydroponic lettuce output methods.

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Wang, Zheng & Yang, Rui & Liang, Ying & Zhang, Shulan & Zhang, Zejin & Sunlight, Chaohua & Li, Jing & Qi, Zhiyong & Yang, Qichang. (2022). Evaluating Efficacy of Various Biostimulants for Hydroponically Grown Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.). Agronomy. 12. 786. 10.3390/agronomy12040786. 

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