Escalating aged design and style tasty tomatoes with new technologies

Rioja is renowned as the land of some of the best wines in the globe. At the exact time, following to vineyards, other crops these as classic tomatoes are developed employing modern day methods like hydroponics in higher-tech greenhouses

Marcos and Álvaro Pérez brothers examined agricultural engineering, but as an alternative of subsequent the spouse and children tradition of rising their vineyards, they determined to try out anything fully diverse: “We preferred a challenge, a little something the place we could implement our knowledge and discover a lot more techniques simultaneously”


As a result, in 2014, the company Riojaselecto was created, out of the town of Zarratón, in the highlands of Rioja, 600 meters over sea level. “The climate is rough here, with cold winters, temperatures as low as -10C, hot summers with times of 35-40C, and potent winds – which is to be predicted given that we are located in a plateau” points out Marcos

Consequently, there was a will need to layout a facility able to develop in this kind of extremes ailments: double plastic deal with, heating program, fogging for summertime, and so on. 


From the commencing, the thought was apparent: the market was comprehensive of tasteless tomatoes, so there was a apparent demand for superior-good quality, tasteful solutions. “In Spain, many nearby kinds are developed in summer months on open up fields. On the other hand, commercial varieties are primarily developed in greenhouses, as facets like products shelf-daily life are more critical.”

Riojaselecto took just one of these tasty versions and began to increase it in perlite. “We had been in a position to obtain the equally tasty fruits, before and just after the open discipline season”.


Light-weight ranges
That indicates developing in spring and in autumn, as it is not attention-grabbing to develop in summer months (for the reason that there are a whole lot of open subject tomatoes and price ranges are reduce), and not even in wintertime, as the mild stage is below the expected 20 mols/m2 and working day. In Almería, that is how considerably it receives, so it is probable to create in winter with no artificial light-weight. However, that is not the situation in Northern Spain, where at least 3 months have radiation amounts under the demanded 20 mols. If you assess that with the Netherlands, for instance, of study course, the interval with decrease light-weight levels is even longer. 

tom4Comparison of gentle ranges in The Netherlands, Northern Spain and Almería

Not enough mild
Acquiring not sufficient light to deliver winter season tomatoes does not indicate it is not attainable to mature them. Riojaselecto starts off planting on December 15th to then harvest at the commencing of March. The spring creation proceeds till the beginning of July, and on July the 15th the greenhouse is planted yet again

Autumn tomatoes will be harvested from the starting of September right up until the commencing of December when the greenhouse is emptied and disinfected for the new year. “In this way, we can present a higher-quality products out of year, and with a exceptional manufacturing of 30 kg/m2 for an historic selection like this” points out Marcos, especially taking into account there is not any generation for the duration of the summer season months

Electrical power disaster
Riojaselecto has to offer with reduced temperatures from the beginning of the year, so they have a thermal display, double plastic covering (“it is legitimate we drop some light-weight, but the isolation effect is terrific), and a big boiler of biomass. The main advantage is the versatility: it is probable to burn numerous sorts of various products, like almond peels, wood pellets, pellets coming from the olive industry, and so on. “This does not mean we are out of the energy disaster predicament, but at the moment the situation with these products and solutions is not as bad as with the gas in Northern Europe”


Conventional beef variety tied with the Tomsystem

Tuta absoluta
Growing is carried out adhering to the most fashionable methods of built-in pest management, these kinds of as bumblebee pollination and applying natural enemies, like Nesidiocoris Tenuis

The most problematic pest is the Tuta Absoluta. “Last yr, we experienced a high focus from the commencing of the crop and it was hard to preserve it under manage. We tried out all the out there prospects, but we made the decision to stop the crop a very little little bit before in order to clean up the greenhouse and get started the new time with no the pest”. Consequently, Riojaselecto works by using drinking water traps, plastic traps, sexual confusion with feromones and a new technique to appeal to the tuta moths and gather them designed by a organization out of Almería.

tom7Plastic traps with pheromones to appeal to and capture tuta absoluta moths

The machine has extremely specific LED lights which are switched on only throughout the evening to avoid attracting the bumblebees so to get to the tuta moths 1st and suck them into a collector

tom6 Biocaptur device to draw in and vacuum tuta moths

The 17.000 crops of the greenhouse require to be tied, pruned and reduced every single week, apart from the harvesting and sorting of the tomatoes, so the procedure is labor intense. The task of tying the crop was to begin with accomplished with plastic clips, but now it is less difficult and more quickly thanks to the Tomsystem. “Before we needed 4 folks through two comprehensive times to clip all the crops, and now we can do it with just 2 people”, clarifies Marcos exhibiting how the Tomsystem is utilized in the greenhouse of Riojaselecto

Riojaselecto’s ancient selection of tomatoes is out there in Northern Spain, Madrid, and Barcelona markets along spring and autumn, for the pleasure of tasty tomato fans.


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