Easy to Grow Mountain Plants

Plant Nutrition In Hydroponics

Hydroponics cultivation is considered to be superior to conventional cultivation because of the numerous advantages it offers. Both commercial scale production and small scale crop cultivation using hydroponics techniques have proved to be advantageous in many respects. One of the advantages of hydroponics is its simplicity.

Temperature & Humidity are Very Important for Your Indoor Plant

The appropriate temperature and humidity is key to ensuring the health of your indoor house plant. Indoor house plants are usually grown in greenhouses and under conditions similar to what we have in our homes and offices.

A Guide to Gardening Tools

Gardening has always been an excellent hobby for relaxing, being close with nature, and a great way to reap the rewards of hard work and dedication. However, in order to have the absolute best garden possible, it’s important to use the correct tools for the job. The specific gardening tools that you will need will largely depend on the type of garden you have, and what type of plants, vegetables, or flowers you are trying to grow.

A Solar Garden Light is a Great Alternative For Your Garden

Using a solar garden light instead of an electric garden light is going to provide you with many advantages. Some people are resistant to try solar lighting because in the past it was not very good quality. Today, however, through advancements in technology, solar garden lighting is comparable to electric lighting. So, there is no fear about giving solar garden lights a try.

Begonia’s For Beginners

Last year I had a white tuberous begonia and a yellow tuberous begonia outside. The white one flourished but the yellow one failed. This year, I put the white one outside and bought a new yellow one and it thrived but the white one didn’t make it. I have a pink begonia that I did not put outside because it was kind of puny last spring. Okay, let’s talk begonia’s.

How To Use Homemade Natural Insecticides

The using of homemade natural insecticides should be treated in much the same way of synthetic products due to the low possibility of irritation. It is definitely less intrusive than chemicals but recommended especially for sensitive people.

The Growing Trend of Using Homemade Natural Insecticides

Trends are changing in the horticultural field with a movement toward organic and natural lifestyles, especially where it pertains to the foods we eat and the way we protect our crops and homes from pests.

Looking For All Natural Insecticide Products

All natural insecticide products are in high demand as people are moving away from the potentially harmful synthetic pesticides. Some suggestions for companion gardening within your vegetable garden, is to plant garlic along with bush beans, as it is believed that they repel aphids. On this note you could also plant them amongst your roses. The lavender plant also placed near roses can deter aphids from even coming near them.

Natural Insecticides Homemade By You

Natural insecticides homemade by the homemaker are a safe way of protecting the property. We are so familiar with synthetic insecticides that the decision to gravitate over to the all natural insecticide products is one we do either gradually or cold turkey (all in).

Fruit Trees – Good Reasons To Grow Your Own

Sturdy apple trees, ancient olive trees, voluptuous cherry blossom trees, and gnarled fig trees are among the many fruit-bearing trees that appear throughout history, in mythology and legends from Chinese to Norse, from Judeo-Christian to Native American. Fruit trees were an important food source for the first hunter-gatherers, and they continue to be an essential part of our lives today, providing important vitamins, minerals, and pleasant summertime memories.

Gardening With Children

Are you looking for a fun and helpful family activity that will delight your children and keep them busy? Do you enjoy gardening? Whether you are a novice gardener or a certified green thumb, gardening with kids can be a fantastic activity for those of all ages. Not only can gardening with kids be fun, but it’s a great educational tool for parents. There are many tips for mixing kids and gardening that allow for a super positive experience.

Perennial Plants And Your Low Maintenance Garden

Perennial plants are very important when planning a garden which stays beautiful year after year, with the minimum amount of effort. However there are a few points which need to be taken into consideration.

Growing Japanese Maple Bonsai

Japanese Maples are a popular selection for Bonsai enthusiasts. Learn more about them and their care here.

Pyrethrum A Natural Insecticide

Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide that is most popular with gardeners and commercial farmers. Even natural insecticides have toxic properties. Pyrethrum originates from a flower in the chrysanthemum family.

Growing Ferns From Spores

After growing this fern for a few years, last Fall, I noticed that it had produced spores, lots and lots of spores. I couldn’t resist so I had to try to grow ferns.

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