Eastshade devs reveal a new witchy RPG mixing magic, songs and gardening

If you are right after a way to make your magic system seem to be cutesy nonetheless diverse at the same time, tunes is a great 1 to go for. Absolutely sure, it is really been performed just before, but it feels inherently charming. At minimum, it does in the trailer for freshly-discovered Tracks Of Glimmerwick, a new match from Eastshade Studios that guarantees to blend RPG, experience, and gardening.

No certain release date is verified, aside from “following 12 months”. I have to give them credit rating for the title Tracks Of Glimmerwick, which instantly lets you know that this will be about tunes and magic, and likely have an quantity of tweeness. Certain tweeness stages unconfirmed but they’re looking excellent from the trailer, wherever you can also clap eyes on some very amazing-wanting gardening, a tree telling you to stfu, and a male earnestly supplying you a picket flute as you head off to magic college.

Eastshade Studios are the workforce at the rear of Eastshade, a lovely activity about staying a travelling artist on a little, but impossibly picturesque island. Those artventures have been in 3D, although Tracks Of Glimmerwick is 2D, and appears fairly diverse. A thing about it continue to has a very Eastshade vibe, though. Maybe it really is the idiosyncratic NPCs, or the way the buildings compliment the all-natural globe about them.

Whichever the circumstance, it appears to be like you’ll get to examine some unique forests and a quaint small town as you go to a school “of magic and melody”. Eastshade Studios say that there will be RPG-model quests to go on, with character improvement for different expertise, together with “specific qualities, like speaking to frogs”. You may also have courses and added curricular pursuits at your disposal. With your aforementioned picket flute you can use tunes to modify factors in the environment, like shifting the floor to open up a pathway.

A screenshot from upcoming magical RPG Songs Of Glimmerwick, showing a strange garden full of odd plants all arranged around a pond at the centre

Here is a picture of what your good magical back garden could appear like the moment you’ve got worked on it a though

It truly is tricky to convey to from the trailer how deep individuals devices go, but what does look really created is the gardening. Below you can use your audio spells to until the earth or minimize down trees with enchated equipment, summon rainclouds for drinking water, and plant mundane and magical vegetation in the university’s botanical backyard garden. That is the kind of matter I could get rid of hrs to, more than fetch quests. Feels a little bit Mutazione as nicely, does not it?

We’ll let you know when there is far more to sing about Songs Of Glimmerwick, but for now you can examine out its Steam web page for all the latest details.

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