Don’t Bother with THESE Winter Squash….A Waste of Garden Space

Spectacular Blooms – Organ Pipe Cactus

I have Organ Pipe cacti in the backyard and it is their season to bloom (May, June and July). During the this time the cactus will send out a shoot and it usually takes about 5 – 7 days for a bud to form. Once the bud is fully formed the cactus will bloom during the night.

How to Grow Fabulous Rose Bushes

Roses have been praised as one of the most stunning and elegant flowers since the beginning of time. No matter what part of the world you are from, roses are the symbol of beauty and love. Cultivating rose bushes is not as hard as it seems. Just a little know-how and practice is needed. Here are some important things to know to get you started.

Essentials on Climbing Roses

No rose garden is truly complete without including climbing roses into the mix of rose species. Climbing roses, also known as pillars, ramblers, trailing roses, and ever blooming roses depending on how they grow,are not considered true vines. They don’t grow their own support structures to hold onto surfaces. But they are the ideal ornament to grace any archway, fence or any other structure in and around any garden.

Companies For Next Day Flower Delivery

On some occasions you may need flowers delivered at short notice, however this may not have to be the same day. There are a lot of florist and flower delivery companies that offer next day delivery services on flowers. It is very important prior to placing the order to understand the company policies and terms of service. It is very important also to know the details about the products that you are purchasing whether it is flowers of an additional product.

The Benefits of Hydroponic Strawberries

The word hydroponics come from the Greek words hydro meaning water and ponos meaning labor and is a method of growing plants in water without soil. The science of hydroponic gardening is not a new invention, it is very old. Hydroponics actually has its roots in ancient civilizations. There is even research to suggest that the Hanging Gardens in ancient Babylon used hydroponic technology.

Wooden Garden Planters – Poor Joints & Wood That Rots Easily Just Isn’t Good Enough

Choosing to use wooden garden planters in your garden can help to make it look more natural and can also lend a better growing atmosphere for your plants. Wooden garden planters are said to be very much in because of the antique look that they provide. They are also ideal for larger shrubs and can even contain small trees.

Choose Healthy Plants For Your Garden

You will always be on the lookout for ways to make your garden look better and one of the ways you will do this is to buy new plants and flowers from garden centres and nurseries. However, make sure that you only buy healthy plants from reputable places as you could introduce diseases into your garden which could spread to other plants if you’re not careful.

The Right Way to Transplant Your Roses

Roses are beautiful flowers but they require a lot of care. Especially when it comes to uprooting them and transferring them to a new place. You simply do not pull them out of the ground and go. This guide will teach you the proper way to do that so that your blooms maintain their beauty.

Home Vegetable Gardening Rules to Live By

Home vegetable gardening should be fun and enjoyable. Follow these five rules and guidelines and it will not only be that but also rewarding with a bountiful harvest.

Basics of Gardening

However, gardening is not easy as most people think. It requires great efforts to harvest a successful garden. You need to carefully plan your garden. Only in this way can you make gardening more productive and more enjoyable.

Got Ailing Plants? Culture Care Provides the Cure

Recently, I volunteered to spend a weekend standing under an open-sided tent with the sign-“Ask An Expert.” At the annual Sunset Celebration Weekend, our booth was one of many, dotting the vast circular lawn (designed by Thomas Church) at Sunset magazine’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Essential Tips on How to Grow a Tea Tree Bonsai

The Tea Tree Bonsai is one of the most beautiful and rarest of Bonsai plants that you can grow. Learn some tips on how to make sure it grows without any trouble.

Constructing a Basement Root Cellar

If you’ve decided that a basement root cellar fills your family’s storage needs, the next step is either to build a room in your basement or modify an existing basement room, closet or existing root cellar, preferably one with a window. Your existing root cellar is probably nothing more than an uninsulated large closet with shelves and perhaps a dirt floor.

The Best Small Composters For Small Gardens

When gardening in a small backyard it is crucial that all the components be perfect, or as near to perfect as we can manage. With space at a premium we need to choose the best small garden composter suited to our needs. After reviewing both conventional small compost bins and backyard tumblers here are my top three garden compost bins for small gardens.

How to Grow Parsley Organically

Parsley is a very easy herb to grow. It’s a great plant to start your herb garden with. Another hardy and frost tolerant herb, parsley thrives in hot summers and wet, cool winters.

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