Do we Rely TOO MUCH on Electricity???

How to Create a Cottage Garden

If there is any characteristic to a cottage garden it is the hazy effect that all the intermingled colors create. The traditional image is one of a garden in which the plants seem to have been planted at random without any thought of planning.

When & How to Trim Citrus Trees in Arizona

What is the best time of year for trimming citrus trees? Well, the timing is not so critical. When trimming citrus trees, the most important thing is not trimming too much. What one may think is a matter of aesthetics can actually be a matter of life or death to the tree. Citrus trees are nothing more than a large bushes and ought to be kept that way, as opposed to being trimmed to look like its tall-trunked shade tree cousins. Let the sun be your guide, & you can’t go wrong.

Spring Flower Gardens

Taking care of your spring flower gardens can earn you business too. With proper care, you will get to attract more people and get them to be interested in having their own garden as well. Proper training in botany will also be of great help in making beautiful spring flower gardens.

Learning the Basics of Organic Hydroponic Gardening

For example, the vegetables at your supermarket supplied from a local farmer are considered to be organic. Anything used in organic gardening needs to be organic and not artificial. With water being organic, you are free to use both hydroponics and organic or semi-organic gardening in the same garden for your vegetables.

Mulching Your Garden

It is a good practice to spread mulch on top of your soil around your plantings every spring and fall. Mulch your garden when you want to suppress weed growth, retain moisture in your soil, keep your soil cool, plus make your garden even more attractive. This ground covering comes in many varieties.

The Reluctant Gardening Calendar – July

The light colored bees are usually the quieter variety, easier to work with. The Victoria plum is sparsely fruited this year. The month of roses – and they have been particularly spectacular this year, especially the ones I have in pots on the patio.

The Most Important Garden Duty to Master

Obtain some knowledge about when to water and how much to water your garden with the watering tips described here. Find out when your garden is too wet or too dry. Learn to recognize a good moisture balance in the soil.

Today More People Choose to Garden

Description of the modern-day gardening movement emerging in the United States as the concern for the environment grows along with the growing economic situation. Starting a vegetable, fruit and herb garden requires only a modest financial investment while it reaps plenty in benefits.

Water is the Key to Success When Transplanting

A step-by-step explanation of what is involved when transplanting. Precautions are recommended to make for a successful transfer. During the whole process watering is very important.

Watering Your Garden

It usually is best to allow the soil in your garden to partially dry out between watering your plants. If you can see your footprints in your lawn or if it lacks overall shine then it’s time to water your lawn. Annuals and vegetables should be watered at the first sign of droop.

Successfully Growing Your Vegetables in a Cramped Little Garden

Metropolitan areas offer many things to their inhabitants. Jobs are plentiful, eateries and watering holes are in high abundance, and arts and nightlife scenes are often very appealing. Those looking to move from more rural areas to perhaps an apartment or condominium in the city might feel they will be forced to sacrifice many of the attributes the country provides.

Hydroponics Simplified

There are many aspiring gardeners out there looking to cultivate their green thumb. Unfortunately many of them don’t have the space or land to do so. Hydroponics and aeroponics gardening can be the perfect solution to this problem.

The Keys to a Healthy Lawn

If you’re having trouble keeping your lawn looking healthy and green check out this article. Its 5 simple steps that will help your lawn, be the best lawn in the neighborhood.

Starting an Organic Garden – 5 Common Reasons Why You Must

Organic Gardening is to plant and grow your crops without the use of synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides and any other chemical synthetic products, ensuring it is 100 percent natural. This article will focus on the 5 Common reasons why you must go organic. In other words, start an organic garden.

Organic Gardening Tips – 3 Tips to Prepare For Starters

The amount of organic gardens is growing rapidly. This simply means a more healthy and environment-friendly world. If you would like to have your own organic garden, here are some helpful organic gardening tips to prepare yourself.

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