DIY Garden Path Ideas and Build (+ Why I Started Epic Gardening)

Tips on Using a Compost Bin

You know that compost is the best thing that you can do for your yard and you want to make some of that black gold for yourself. Using a compost bin is also a great way to recycle kitchen and yard waste and keep it out of the landfills.

Tips on Shopping For Clay Flower Pots

Flower vases or pots are important items in every household. These pots have many uses including planting your new seeds in them. You could even use the pots to transfer the plants from one position to another.

Mini Clay Pots Look Great in Your Home

The clay pots have numerous household uses. In some parts of the world, a clay pot is an important kitchen use item. On the other hand, the majority of pot users need them for moving plants to another point. They also sow seeds in the pots. Today, pots are good decorative items.

Three Reasons You Should Use Ultrasonic, Sonic Or Electronic Deer Control

Ultrasonic deer control saves money, is environmentally and family friendly and is more carefree than spraying liquid deer repellent. Think of electronic deer control as insurance for your plants.

Tips on Making a Compost Pile For Your Garden

Making a compost pile is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your garden. The compost will enrich your soil, producing healthy, pest-free plants without chemicals. Building a compost pile is also great for the rest of environment outside of your garden.

Gardening With Children

Gardening and children just seem to go together. Dirt, water, nibbling and color is good for the soul. Bring the children out in all of us through gardening.

4 Tips For Help in Growing Better Carrots

So, you’ve decided to plant a vegetable garden and carrots are going to take pride of place. Here are four tips to ensure that your carrots grow to be big and strong and make you the envy of all your neighbors.

Hello, My Apple

‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’, and it’s not just a saying, it’s the truth. Apple is the most popular fruit that contains an impressive list of essential nutrients. There are many interesting facts about this wonder fruit apple; one of the most famous stories is on the ‘Adam’s apple’.

3 Tips For Growing Beautiful Phal Orchids

The Phal orchid is one of the most recognized flowers around and considered the easiest orchid to grow and care for. Here are 3 great tips for growing beautiful Phal orchids.

4 Things You Should Know Before Watering Orchids

Watering orchids like watering any other plant will pay off nicely if done properly. With orchids, special consideration needs to taken to make sure they grow and thrive in your home or office environment. Here are four thing you need to know before watering orchids.

Benefits of Growing an Orchid Under Artificial Lights

It is very effective when one pursues growing an orchid under artificial lights. Orchid lights or artificial lighting used for orchids are preferred by many orchid growers because it produces much larger flowers and blooms. This method can increase the quantity of plant, which are in demand.

How to Select Bulbs For Spring Blossoms

Do you want beautiful flowers blooming in your garden after a long winter? Find out how to select the perfect bulbs for gorgeous blossoms in the spring.

Plant Bulbs in the Fall For Beauty in the Spring

Planting bulbs in the fall will give you beautiful spring color. All it takes is bulbs, a shovel and a couple of hours of your time. Not much to invest for a gorgeous yard in the spring!

Lilacs – An Old Fashioned Garden Beauty

Lilac bushes are a garden staple from years ago. They can still have a place in the gardens of today where they will provide beautiful blossoms and deep green foliage, with very little care from you.

Indoor Herb Garden – 5 Must Know Tips About the Best Way to Dry Extra Herbs

Anyone who has a successful indoor herb herb garden is aware that using fresh herbs adds delicious flavors to any meal. What happens if you are fortunate enough to have an indoor herb garden which produces more than you can use? It would be a shame to throw away or waste home grown fresh, delicious herbs, so the best answer to this dilemma is to store herbs by drying them first. This is easy to do and does not require much time or effort.

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