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The “Le proprietà nutraceutiche della Igp Pomodoro di Pachino” (The nutritional attributes of PGI tomatoes from Pachino) conference tackled several subjects, together with the ‘regulatory facets of nutraceuticals’, which were being mentioned by Tiziana Pecora, a professional in Pharmacology and an qualified in regulatory disciplines. 

The speakers’ desk

pachIN002“Wellbeing and nutrition are strongly linked and the world of nutraceuticals performs a fundamental role. The definition of nutraceutical was presented by Stephen L. DeFelice in 1989 as a ‘food or portion of a food that has a healthcare or wellness reward, including the avoidance and procedure of disease’. In observe, the expression ‘nutraceutical’, whilst not regarded by European laws, refers to a foods that includes unique constituents and that can for that reason have a advantageous impact on a specific system purpose. Functional food items and dietary supplements are intended as ‘nutraceutical’ on a professional degree. These meals items are disciplined by regulations on the output, conversation, and trade of foodstuffs,” described the professional.  

pachI003Tiziana Pecora

“A Consensus Doc by the European Fee, in settlement with FUFOSE (Functional Food stuff Science in Europe), defines a purposeful food items as a compound that offers extra features thanks to the presence of parts, commonly not vitamins and minerals, that selectively interact with one particular or a lot more physiological features foremost to an improved overall health and perfectly-currently being and/or a decreased risk of illness.” 

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“Legislative Decree 169/2004 defines Foods Dietary supplements as meals products destined to nutritional supplement the prevalent eating plan and constitute a concentrated resource of nutrition these kinds of as natural vitamins and minerals or of other substances acquiring a nutritional or physiological result. In individual, but not confined to: amino acids, vital fatty acids, fibers, and extracts of vegetable origin, both of those alone and in combination, pre-dosed, or common pharmaceutical types for oral use (capsules, tablets, powders, etc.), via which shoppers can just take a described dose of lively elements. Laws, in particular on a European stage, would be highly recommended and vital to fill the gaps and tackle uncertainties, consequently modifying the regulatory framework to the new sector and consumer wants and make it doable to sell and publicize explained solutions the right way.”

pachIN001Slides by Ms. Pecora: “Regulatory definitions” (click on here to enlarge)

Sebastiano Barone, technician of the Consorzio del Pomodoro di Pachino Igp, talked about the SQNPI certification (Sistema di qualità Nazionale di produzione integrata – National Built-in Generation Excellent Process), Carbonfoot Print and Blockchain.

pachI002Mr Sebastiano Barone

“Our consortium, nearly 20 years following the mark was very first granted and which now offers roughly 10 million kg of PGI tomatoes traded, aims at sustainability by way of the attainment of certifications. Most corporations creating PGI tomatoes from Pachino are element of POs that have the obligation to implement the integrated production specification of Regione Sicilia. We will need to certify this solution, which is by now received with this sustainable technique, by joining the SQNPI procedure. Our specification by now excludes the possibility of making use of chemical or hormonal substances to pollinate bouquets and envisages the obligation of entomophilous pollination applying bumblebees. In addition, it excludes hydroponic cultivation to obtain the solid id of the product or service conveyed by the nearby soil.”  

pachI004Partial see of the site that hosted the celebration on Oct 12th, 2021. (Click on below for the image report) 

“The greenhouses where PGI tomatoes from Pachino are developed have a very low vitality effects and thus lead to intensely lowered CO2, which is why we have attained the Carbon Footprint certification. In point, our usual Mediterranean chilly greenhouses use really very little polluting power, as they are only heated by the greenhouse result prompted by the handles utilised and by daylight which, in Pachino, reaches the best ranges in Europe. Northern (north European) greenhouses alternatively enhance the greenhouse natural environment to exalt productions using high-tech units these as hydroponic programs employing large energy inputs, induced artificial gentle, and synthetic heating techniques.”

pachI001Mr. Salvatore Chiaramida, director of Consorzio Pomodoro di Pachino Igp

Salvatore Chiaramida, director of the consortium, concluded the conference by thanking the speakers. “The different speakers clarified how essential investigation and investments are when it will come to nutraceuticals so that PGI tomatoes from Pachino can get to new locations.”  

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