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Gardening with Gutner breaks down the easy ways to expand grass.

MAINE, Usa — Expanding grass can be a obstacle even for the most expert gardener. Gardening with Gutner talked with grass increasing expert Nick Tammaro of Tammaro Landscaping. 

News Middle Maine’s Chief Meteorologist Todd Gutner achieved with Tammaro on a new design website exactly where Tammaro Landscaping was going to establish a new lawn. 

“Southern Maine is all set to go. We seem for 50-degree soil temperatures. Usual rule of thumb is May 1,” Tammaro mentioned. 

He advises that on a big home, they would hydroseed, which is mulch, seed, and fertilizer blended alongside one another that comes out in spray variety, but for most do-it-yourselfers who are doing the job more compact areas and patching grass standard seeding is high-quality.


Measures for seeding

  • Place down refreshing loam then rake, get rid of any large debris, and fluff the loam so the seeds can germinate. 
  • Utilizing a spreader, stroll down rows to unfold the seed. Tammaro takes advantage of Park Mix from Allen, Sterling, & Lothrop, situated in Falmouth. If you happen to be seeding a shady place, they also give Shady Blend. 
  • Then, still using the exact same spreader you utilised to disperse the seed, unfold starter fertilizer more than the space. Tammaro employed Mountain Creek Fertilizer with a 19-19-19 ratio. 
  • The moment you have spread the fertilizer, carefully rake the mixture into the soil
  • The upcoming step is to spread mulch about the mixture to secure towards birds, support with erosion, and keep in dampness. 
  • The past step is to h2o the region usually and evenly. Will not oversoak and bring about erosion. Do not let the seed to dry out. At the time founded, drinking water daily and extended.



Tammao mentioned to rough up the existing loam and distribute grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch. Drinking water commonly and evenly.


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