5 Simple Ways to Add Humor and Create Fun Backyard Designs

How to make a serious backyard more lighthearted, interesting and fun by adding art and personal touches.

Install A Permanent, In-Ground Sprinkler System To Save Time And Water

Why should you consider installing a permanent, in-ground sprinkler system for your lawn? Read on to find out how a permanent, in-ground sprinkler system can help your reduce your lawn care efforts as well as save time and money for you.

What Type Of Grass Should I Plant For My Lawn?

Do you know what type of grass you should plant in your lawn? What factors will affect your choice of grass? Read this article to learn the 3 main factors that will affect your choice of grass and ultimately the type of lawn you have.

History Of Olive Trees

A history of the wonderful olive tree.

What is a Rain Garden?

Homeowners across the country are discovering the joys and satisfaction of rain gardens. A rain garden is a landscaped area that actually replaces an area of lawn. Compared to a “normal” patch of lawn, a rain garden allows 30% more water to soak into the ground. Rain gardens are a good and inexpensive way to prevent the problem of urban stormwater runoff.

When to Apply Lime to Your Lawn

Do you know when is the good time to apply lime to your lawn? Do you know what you need to do first before applying lime to your lawn? Read on to find the answers to these questions!

Large Bird Feeders

Large bird feeders not only help give birds sustenance, especially in the colder months, they make great lawn ornaments. Sure, attracting wildlife to your lawn is a strong motive to have a bird feeder. But the satisfaction you get from a well-designed landscape is just as wonderful. Large bird feeders come in all different styles and shapes. Here is some advice on how to choose large bird feeders and how to fit them into your landscaping project.

Wholesale Bird Feeders

Feeding the birds can be satisfying. You love to watch the creatures as they feed. You start to notice their patterns. You love feeding the birds so much that you keep on installing new bird feeders. This gets expensive, so you are considering buying wholesale bird feeders to help save money.

Plants For Sale

Many people pursue gardening as a hobby. Depending on where they live, people may have gardens or potted plants in their houses. Garden makeovers are also gaining immense popularity these days. There are a large number of nurseries that sell plants at affordable prices. These nurseries may even offer regular discounts to attract more buyers. They also offer discounts for bulk purchases of plants. It is advisable to shop around for better quality and affordable prices. However, it is important to have adequate knowledge about the plants – their bloom season, the type of plant, and required weather conditions to successfully grow a garden. Plants can also be selected on the basis of the amount of sunlight required.

Pond Plants

Many people like to include a pond in their garden to add to the beauty and visual appeal. Ponds offer a perfect setting for relaxing and unwinding after a long and exhausting day. Many exotic ponds include waterfalls, colorful fish, and plants. Pond plants are essential for the survival of pond animals, as they offer shelter, food, and oxygen to them. Pond plants prevent the formation of algae and keep the pond clean. Pond plants can grow better in ponds in sunny areas due to the availability of sunlight required for photosynthesis.

Caring for Fresh Flowers

Flowers, fluttering and fascinating, they hold the power to stop tears. They hold the power to make a child smile. They even hold the power to please God! They open up their arms for everyone, from the smallest bees to the humming birds to humans with equal alacrity. They are ever ready, to be packaged for a date, to melt the heart of the mad wifey, to be offered to the deities. Such is their destiny.

Forcing Flower Bulbs

All types of fauna such as trees, shrubs, bushes and flowering plants bloom only in the right season. Genetic patterns control the growth of all plants. For this reason, it becomes almost impossible to find off-season plants in bloom. However, horticulturists, professional and amateur have tried a number of techniques to prompt the growth of flower bulbs in non-seasonal periods. Of the few successful methods that help achieve this objective, forcing flower bulbs is an effective practice.

How to Ship Fresh Flowers

Certain things about flowers – they are born someplace and they bring happiness at some other place. In between they perform their journeys of their lifetime.

Shade Plants

Every plant has different requirements for growth and nourishment. These requirements, such as sunlight, weather conditions, water, and fertilizers, may greatly vary depending on the individual category of plants. Some plants, such as carnivorous plants, require lot of sunlight, while others may be strictly indoor plants.

Potted Plants

A large number of homeowners have started including potted plants in their house as a part of their home decor. People living in smaller houses can feel close to nature by planting a large variety of indoor plants in pots. Potted plants are highly portable and can easily be rearranged to create a different look. Homeowners can greatly benefit from keeping potted plants in their house. They release oxygen, thereby eliminating pollutants in the air. This leads to purer air in the house.

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