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Might/June 2022 California Bountiful magazine

Might 1, 2022 – As a California Bountiful reader, you have the possibility to get your seasonal gardening issues answered by gardening professional Pat Rubin. Here are a several inquiries from our visitors.


When is the very best time to harvest my oregano and rosemary?

Initially, expand them with as tiny h2o as doable. This gives the leaves a much better fragrance and taste. Harvest them just just before the vegetation bloom. The most effective time to select the leaves is in the early morning. You can strip the leaves from the stems and set them in a paper bag, or dry the complete stem of leaves. It is really finest to dry them in a great, dim put. After the leaves are dry, set them in an airtight container. Really don’t crush the leaves until you are prepared to use them. They’ll retain their flavor far better this way. Label the jar with the variety of herb and also the day.


 I did not get my vegetable back garden commenced last April. Is it way too late?

Completely not. You could possibly want to acquire starter crops in its place of planting from seed to get a a lot quicker get started, but it can be actually not as well late to start off items like cucumbers, squash, beans, carrots or beets from seed. Most melons and pumpkins want a extended growing time, so buy starter crops from the nursery. It can be also not also late to get another crop of radishes or salad greens.
Reprinted with permission: California Farm Bureau Federation

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