Climbers & Covers in the Landscape

Making Money Growing Herbs

For many skillful herbalists, making money out of herbs is simply an opportunity that is difficult to pass up. Here are simple steps on how you, too, can start making money growing herbs:

Free Urea Based Fertilizer

Human urine makes an excellent high nitrogen liquid fertiliser for most plants. Dilute it 10 to 1 and pour it over and or round fast growing plants once a week, like vegetables, Green manure crops and sugar cane. Indeed just about anything that you want to push along rapid green growth…

Elaboration on Orchid Cactus

Orchid cactus is also referred to as Epiphyllum. Although, they don’t contain spines, they do have stems which bear flowers. It differs from the desert cacti in a sense that, they prefer richer soil and more shade. There are numerous color variations of orchid cactus. Some are iridescent and has more than one color.

No Dig Potatoes

You can grow an enormous crop of potatoes without any of the backbreaking effort of digging. Just follow the steps below.

How To Garden In The Spring

Gardening in the spring is the next best time to garden behind the fall. The increased rainfall and temperatures provide a perfect setting for plants and their roots.

Garden Mulch – Five Excellent Reasons For Mulching Your Garden Beds

Spreading a decent layer of natural mulch on the soil, is an essential part gardening in a hot, dry climate. The use of some sort of material to be spread…

Ground Cover Plants For a Dry Climate Garden – 3 Excellent Species

In order to save water in the garden, the area set aside for grass has to be reduced. The use of ground cover plants is one practical and aesthetic solution.

Designing With Plants – A Superb Plant Combination For Your Dry Climate Garden

Those of us who garden in a dry climate hardly have it easy when it comes to creating interest in the garden. The water shortages in many parts of the world, means that we have to really use our imagination, and dare I say it, our design and horticultural knowledge, in order to come up with a successful composition.

What’s There to Know About Tulips

Tulips are much hardier than you think. They almost seem to thrive on a certain kind of neglect. For instance, they are popular gifts around Valentine’s Day in some places. So there you have a lovely pot of tulips. I’ve seen people throw the pot and all out after the tulips die down. What they could have done is let the plant die down and when the leaves were yellowed, toss just the leaves away and then just store the pot with the bulbs still in the soil in some cool spot until the spring. If you plant them outside and water them well, they will grow again and again. They might not grow the first spring you plant them but they will grow the second year.

Small Shrubs and Bushes – Their Importance in a Garden Design

The design question that will almost inevitably arise in most garden situations is that which relates to the space between the hedge or shrubs and trees that border a garden, and the ground plain which takes up the majority of the area. This ground plain usually comprises of a lawn, but an alternative material like a wooden deck is often the desired option particularly in dry climates.

Autumn Leaves Are on the Ground – Deciduous Plants in the Garden

Despite the reputation for littering, trees and shrubs that drop their leaves are an integral part of the garden composition. An approach from a Mediterranean gardening point of view.

The Herb Garden – How to Have Your Herb and Eat It!

Generally speaking, the initial and primary motive of most people for planting a herb garden, or at least setting aside a small area in their garden for growing herbs, is the satisfaction of having fresh produce available for the kitchen. There are however two other major benefits which are often overlooked.

How Can I Start a Commercial Greenhouse?

The process is very complicated and should only be attempted if you are aware of the things needed to pull it off successfully. There are three things you need to have in order to complete the process and they include time, money and space.

Where Can You Find Out How to Build a Greenhouse?

If you are looking to build your own greenhouse, and do not have any idea about how to do this, you may need to gather information from a lot of different sources. The internet will provide you with step by step instructions and home improvement stores

Preserving Fresh Cut Flowers

Sometimes you want to keep life’s sweet memories for as long as you could. Flowers, as beautiful as they might seem has an unequivocal ephemeral quality, to keep it fresh for a much longer period of time, some techniques has to be learned.

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