Cactus Mix Potting Soil

8 Tips – Vegetable Gardening

The articles provides 8 useful and key tips that are essential in starting a vegetable garden. This includes important elements like sunlight consideration, soil preparation, watering, weed and pest control and many more.

Are Zero Turn Mowers Really That Special?

They all have four tires, an engine, and a mowing deck, but are they any different from the rest? It seems like zero turn mowers are growing in popularity every year. Not only do they make quick work of large mowing areas, they are a blast to operate.

Lawn Care Tips for Everybody

Lawns often vary in size, shape, and form for most homes. Some lawns are beautifully ornate with lush gardens, and pruned to look like art. Other lawns are thick with weeds, grass, and often give off a sense of an old style farm to passers by. There of course are thousands of other types of lawns that typically fall in between the categories of impeccably groomed, and garden of weeds. For all lawn owners, no matter what type, there are several helpful tips to maintain your lawn, because no matter the look of the lawn, it will hopefully be one that’s healthy.

Tissue Culture Applications To Improve Crops of Strawberries, Raspberries, and Blackberries

Why berry plants “run out” and what is being done about it.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Provide Both Style And Security!

The way we look at outdoor lighting may never again be the same, illuminating your property with designer fixtures that look just as nice as the ones inside your home, makes it possible to light up the outdoors in style. Take a drive through your town, homes are being showcased with not just one outdoor lighting fixture, instead they are illuminated in a concert of security fixtures, pathway lights, outdoor pendants, exterior sconces and barbeque lights.

What Does It Take To Design And Build Your Own Fire Pit?

There are many alternatives to creating a fire pit other than buying a firepit model that is ready-made and requires some simple assembly. If you are a do-it-yourselfer looking to design and build your own fire pit you don’t need a fancy set of blueprints, just a vision of the type of pit you are looking to create.

Prune and Trellis Your Tomato Plants to Achieve Higher Yields

Every vegetable gardener seeks to grow perfect, unblemished tomatoes. This article explains how to easily increase your crop of picture-perfect tomatoes.

How to Create a Butterfly Garden

Everyone enjoys watching butterflies fluttering about amongst flowers. By creating a garden specifically for butterflies you can attract and enjoy even more of these beautiful creatures. This informative article shows you how to create a butterfly haven in your yard.

Smart Gardeners Plan First

In the end of the winter, people dust off their trowels and take out the gloves, getting ready for another gardening season. This year it will be different. You’ll have beautiful flowers, a fantastic display of colors and all your neighbors will pause in your front lawn to admire your garden. Does it have to be a wish? In fact, you could start your garden at any time and have a beautiful garden to enjoy all year long.

How to Give Your Southwestern Backyard a True Southwestern Flair

Your desert backyard doesn’t have to be dry and lifeless. Here are 7 ways to bring a true Southwestern appeal to your backyard and spice up this all-important extension of your home.

Add an Outdoor Firepit to Dress Up Your Backyard

When we bought our outdoor fire pit we didn’t realize we were building something that would bring us closer to our neighbors and provide us with many evenings of recreation. Find out about the benefits of our outdoor fire pit we discovered.

Backyard Waterfall

Backyard Waterfalls can be the most soothing accent you can add to any backyard. If you agree, you’ll absolutely love what we have discovered in backyard waterfall landscaping. Waterfalls can get expensive, but hold on, this project is very doable for any backyard and at a very cost effective price.

Preventing A Crabgrass Problem

Crabgrass is a nuisance to gardeners. Learn ways to prevent crabgrass in your lawn.

Gardening Books on the Internet

Are you a gardening enthusiast? Have you ever gone to a book store to find a particular gardening book only to be bombarded by shelf upon shelf of books on every type of gardening imaginable except the one that you really want? How about the internet? You’ve heard that it’s a good place to find information, so you laboriously turn on your computer and enter whatever keywords you have into whatever search engine you fancy, and you’re bombarded by information. Again.

Creating Bluebird Trails

Blue bird trails are created to humor these birds that can be quite fussy about the location of their homes. For this reason they are rarely spotted in yards or in urban areas. Some people say that bird houses and bluebirds don’t mix simply because their man made habitats are too easily taken over by other types of birds.

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