Building an Automatic Waterer for the Quail.

Gardening – Benefits

In these days, more and more people take gardening as their hobby. Many people regard gardening as a means to improve their quality of life. With a garden, you can eat all the fresh fruits and vegetables you can grow, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As matter of fact, gardening offers many benefits.

Build a Storage Pit Type of Root Cellar

A good, quick way to prepare a winter storage area for root crops is to dig a storage pit. A storage pit is a good way to experiment with winter storage without the investment of constructing a root cellar in your basement. The size can be varied to suit your family’s needs.

Choose a Site For Your Root Cellar

Are you growing your own food in your quest to live green? Is your garden producing more than your family can eat? Do you find yourself with a surplus of produce?

Dendrobium Orchid Flower

Although there are many different species of orchids, none are as diverse as the Dendrobium Orchid. There are an estimated 1200-1600 varieties of this single genus. None have such diversity in the range of habitats they can be found in. They are found thriving in the Himalayan mountains, the lowland tropical forests and the Australian desert.

Garden Decorations of the Whimsical Kind

If you are one of the many people that have started a garden then you are probably wondering about decorating your lawn even more than what you already do. Here are some ideas that you can use to help you determine what type of decorations.

Vegetable Garden Planning – How to Trellis

Growing your plants vertically rather than horizontally is a great way to save space in a garden. Using a trellis is the most common way to do this, since they allow you to easily grow climbing plants. This article discusses the basic things you need to know about how to plan for a trellis.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Flower

Of the many varieties of orchids, the Phalaenopsis Orchid is one of the most popular. Referred to as the “moth orchid” they are the longest bloomers, with blooms lasting an incredible two to six months before they droop and die. They come in a rainbow of colors. Think they are hard to grow?

How to Mulch For Healthy Plants and Soil

Mulch will make your landscape look neat as well as protect the plants root system. Mulch can help protect plants from soil born diseases.

Treating Your Growing Garden With Care

The plants are all nestled and snug in their beds. So…. what’s next? Depending on what you’ve planted and your zone, will determine how often you will need to water. I usually watch my plants to see telltale signs of their needing water. Wilting is a DEAD give away however, and we don’t want to wait till that happens.

How to Plant Roses – Getting a Good Start

Many of us dream about having a rose garden, full of lovely, flowering roses spreading that lovely rose scent throughout your garden. But it is easy to get disappointed; you buy the rose in the plant shop, standing beneath a picture full of promise. But in your private garden it never becomes the rose of your dreams. Learn how to give your roses the best start, making sure you will get the roses of your dreams!

Greenhouse Gardening – What is a Simple Way For Gardening Enthusiasts to Get Started at Home?

If you are a gardening enthusiast and have been wondering how you can extend your gardening farther into the spring and fall without spending a huge amount of money and erecting a large permanent structure, this may just answer your question. There are alternatives to the large permanent and intrusive structures of yesteryear.

Garden Creating on a Budget

Designing a garden on a budget can be a fun challenge. Determine what you can afford to spend, then choose plants and flowers that complement each other. Always look for sale items and shop around until you find something you like that you can afford.

Intensive Gardening – Selecting and Planning Your Site

The location of the site you choose for your intensive garden is very important. Preparing a good healthy soil structure for your organic garden will provide you with a thriving crop.

Tips to Start Your Home Garden

In these days, home gardening gains rising popularity. Home gardening is a wonderful practice for the whole family. Here are some simple tips for you to start your home garden.

Hydroponic Gardening As an Exciting Hobby

Everybody has hobbies that they enjoy during their leisure time. Some may have more than one hobby. Well here is one for those arborists and gardeners among us. Try indoor hydroponic gardening as an exciting hobby. If you love gardens and making things grow, then you will love indoor hydroponic gardening.

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