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Butterfly Garden

A unique and beautiful way to conserve the environment is cultivating a butterfly garden. Butterflies are some of the most beautiful, fragile creatures in nature and have sometimes been called “flying flowers”.

The Wondrous Beauty Of The Seasonal Flowers Of Japan!

Perhaps the most famous seasonal flowers in Japan are the Japanese cherry blossoms which bloom every year in late spring, beautiful pink and white blooms whose scent fills the streets, wafting their way into windows and cracks in doors. As the flowers bloom and fall they carpet the area beneath the trees, with several trees in a row it can look like a carpet of pink leading off into the beautiful hills of Japan.

Great Gardening Tips for February

This is still a great month to work on your garden (if it’s not too cold for you). Here’s a list of suggested task for February.

Organic Gardening Beauty

Organic gardening and insect chewed up fruits, vegetables and flowers do not have to go together. It is easy to discover how to protect your garden from harmful insects, maintain fertile soil and healthy plants, without resorting to chemical insecticides and fertilizers by learning about a few, simple techniques.

How To Stake Your Plants – An Insider Vegetable Gardening Tip

Knowing how to stake your plants can make a big difference in the success of your garden. Learn 3 simple methods of staking that will make your vegetables and flowers more successful.

My Family Has Worms!

We have worms. They wiggle and wriggle right through our system. They eat the waste we produce and we don’t even blink an eyelid. You see we want them there. They are good for our environment and our garden is thriving.

Cheap Landdscaping Supplies

Make the drab areas on your property sparkle and do it with cheap landscaping supplies. You can take charge and it won’t bankrupt you-

Caring For Dog From Spoiling the Lawn by Urine

Caring the dog from spoiling the lawn by urine, is spot of bother for the pet owners who have equal passion in maintaining their lawn. This is because when the dogs are allowed to roam freely in the lawn, they will certainly pass the urine indiscriminately after all, they are only animals.

What About Your Orchids In February

Yes, February is a very important time for your orchid care. Reading this article will help you keep them healthy.

Planting Basics For Success

We’ve all gone to a home improvement store at one time or another and fallen in love with a plant covered in beautiful flowers. We knew it was right for our landscape, so we took it home, stuck it in our garden and a week later, we’re thinking, what’s up? The flowers are gone, the leaves are wilting and yellow and it’s simply turned into an ugly mess. Was it a bad plant, are we losing our green thumb or is something else going on?

Beautiful Flowers, You Don’t Need A Green Thumb

Why are annual flowers like Begonias, Petunias and Impatients always planted in large beds and placed where they are the center of attention? It’s the color. Annual flowers in full bloom, ignite the senses, excite the mind and enhance everything around them.

Rock Garden Ideas

The concept of rock garden ideas came into being in the twentieth century. Travelers to the majestic Swiss Alps were impressed by the exquisite flowers and foliage which grew among the snowy heights. Desire for these exotic flora and feel, they transported the theme of rock garden idea from the Alps to their homelands. Some of the most spectacular garden views are the rock gardens.

Keeping a Journal For Garden Planning

This is the time of year when the seed and plant catalogs come pouring in and we can browse through them and start dreaming up our gardens for the current year. A little planning will help you get what you want out of your garden and save you some time, money and frustration. A garden journal can be a very valuable tool when planning your garden. You can keep your garden journal in a spiral bound notebook, or anything that appeals to you. The bookstores have journals made especially for your garden if you want to get fancy.

How To Choose A Shape For Your Future Bonsai Tree

The shape or ‘style’ that you will choose for your bonsai will say as much about the artist (you!) as it does about the plant. First step in choosing the best suited style for your bonsai is to know the main characteristics of the existing styles; after you know all of these you must know for which style is best suited the plant; you must first evaluate the tree’s strengths and weaknesses. The selection of a style is based on a series of compromises that are intended to emphasize a tree’s features and minimize its defects. The choice of style may change as a tree matures over time. There are several questions that you should answer before starting: Trunk shape – is the trunk thick and upright? Does it undulate in gentle curves? Is it very twisted and crooked? Does it taper from a thick base to a thin tip or is it thin enough to bend to introduce new curves or remove undesireable ones? Cascade styles are frequently developed from trees that offer little interest in curve or taper, but are thin enough to be shaped with wire into cascading curves. Forests can be created from almost any material, so it is a very logical choice for trees that have numerous scars, little trunk taper or defects in the root system. Later, as wounds heal, tops are replaced, taper develops and surface roots mature, the trees can be separated and stand on their own as bonsai. Is the root system well developed? Do roots emerge at all points in a nice radial fashion, or is the root system one sided? Frequently in container stock there is a second root system that emerges just beneath the first as a result of uppotting from liner stock. This second root system might be better formed or more appropriate for the style in question. In general, the Formal upright style requires a well developed, radial root system.

Have You Ever Considered Using John Deere Tractors?

John Deere Tractors can really help you out if you own a fairly large garden. However. if you have less than one acre it would generally not be worth getting one. So. always know what you are looking for beforehand otherwise you could end up potentially wasting a lot of money!

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