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Adjusting Soil pH for Optimal Grass Growth

The pH of your lawn soil is an important factor that affects how your lawn grasses will grow. Discover how you can determine the pH value of your soil and what action you need to take to balance the soil pH in this article.

How Do Different Types of Fertilizers Affect Your Lawn Grasses

There are four major types of lawn fertilizers available in the market today. Do you know what they are and what effect they have on your lawn? Read on to find out more.

Aeration And Your Lawn Health

What is aeration and why is it important to maintaining a healthy lawn? How to correctly aerate your lawn so that your grass can get the nutrients they required? Read on to find out more.

6 Ways To A Lawn With Greener Grass

You want your lawn to become greener and healthier than what it has been in the past. In fact, you want your neighbors to envy you for having such a beautiful lawn. But can it be done? Yes, it can be done and her are 6 ways to make your lawn greener and healthier.

Outdoor Heaters — Pros, Cons, and Tips

There are a few things that you should consider (besides simply price) when deciding whether or not you want an outdoor patio heater, and what type of patio heater you want. Here are some pros and cons of patio heaters, as well as some tips.

Gardening Grows on You

Gardening is good for you, good for your neighbors, good for your kids and good for your dog. Especially if you do it the right way. Gardening has been around for ages, and it’s almost so ingrained into our genes, it’s like an instinct.

Why Cotoneaster Makes a Good Bonsai Candidate

Learn why a cotoneaster tree can be a great bonsai species. Different and most popular species described.

Caring For Fruit Trees

As their name implies, fruit trees are simply trees that bear fruit. This may include apple, cherry, citrus (i.e., orange and lemon), durian, mango, morello cherry, pear, peach, nectarine and plum.

Pest Control: Field Mice and Natural Approaches to Eliminating Them

Field mice like to head inside during the fall to find a warm place to spend the winter. Let them know that they are not welcome in your home. Use these easy, low-cost solutions to get rid of them.

How To Make Compost – Be Prepared For Next Summer’s Water Shortage

How to make compost? It’s easier than you think! As the cold season settles in, a little time and effort spent now will pay dividends next summer…

History Of The Filbert (Hazelnut)

A history of the filbert hazelnut plant.

The Ingenuity of Fire Pits: Tips on Buying, Use, and Safety Precautions

Decided to invest in a fire pit for the backyard? In this article, we’ll explore tips on finding the perfect one, as well as proper use and safety precautions; to help you get the most out of your outdoor fire pit.

Timber Sheds – the Possibilities are Endless

When one thinks of a shed, they may often think of a dilapidated old building with cobwebs and rickety floors. Often, one will correlate sheds with a simple structure for storage. The fact is a timber shed can be a welcome addition to any property and it can have a wide array of uses.

Gazebos and Summerhouses

These days, gazebos and summerhouses have grown so popular in UK that they are as almost as common as cars. The word “gazebo” is not a single word; it has got a very colourful history behind. The word “gazebo” first came into view in the book published in 1972 by an architect named William Halfpenny.

Children Wooden Playhouses

Wooden children playhouse is the place where creativity and imagination of a kid can be unconfined and enjoyed. “Summer seems to be the most wonderful time of year when children can have the benefits of loads of fresh and unmarked air and outdoor play. There is surely no shortage of excellent actions, toys and garnishes to entertain and motivate children of all ages.”

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