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Make Your Own Homemade Hydroponic Nutrients

Hydroponics involves growing plants in a nutrient solution without the requirement of soil. Hydroponics enables you to have more control over what nutrients the plant receives and these can be varied depending on the stage of the plants development.

How to Control Aphids in Your Home Vegetable Garden

According to a study by the USDA, aphids rank as the top insect to do damage to people’s home vegetable gardens. You may agree with those findings. Aphids are very common throughout the world and come in all shapes and sizes. They feed on pretty much everything and when they are done feeding on a plant their young will develop wings, move to the next plant and the process starts all over.

DIY LED Grow Light – A Great At-Home Project

Because gardening is a do-it-yourself hobby to begin with, many home gardening enthusiasts have gone the extra step and built DIY LED grow light kits. The great thing about a building a system on your own is that it can be custom-made to perfectly fit a person’s needs. Because many indoor gardens make use of what little space is available, there are often very few options when it comes to grow systems.

Pythium Treatment – Keep the Rot Away

Pythium is commonly referred to as root rot and is one of the worst diseases that can attack your plant. This has the capability to decimate your plants and crops within weeks causing extensive damage. Hence pythium treatment is extremely crucial and has to be carried out as soon as you notice the symptoms.

Automatic Watering to Make Gardening Easier

It is now possible to have a system in place, connected to your main water supply that will allow your whole garden to be watered via a timer, giving you peace of mind wherever you are! Using hose pipes, sprinklers, adaptors and connections, the water can be distributed around the garden at timed intervals of your choosing…

Cocopeat Buyers – Provide the Best Growing Medium for Your Plants

There has been quite an increase in the number of cocopeat buyers these days as they have begun to understand that this is simply the best multi-purpose growth medium to be used in hydroponic plant cultivation. Manufacturers dealing with potting mixes have now turned to cocopeat to increase the nutritive value of their mixes by adding varying quantities of this nutrient. This biggest advantage of adding this natural substance is that the plants grow in a very healthy manner and at the same time need very less watering and use of fertilizers.

Different Plants As Home Ornaments

If you are looking for conventional ways to decorate a home, one way to achieve this is by using plants. Plants have a wide variety of species that one way or another is a great home ornament. They come in wide variety of forms from blooming plants, to trees, and bonsai. These plant ornaments are both great in indoor or exterior use. They could be used in many ways, such as ornaments in vases, pots, gardens, patios, and window boxes. All could give a different feel and look to any space.

My Home Garden

At 23 degrees Celsius, the heat is bearable – just. The trees around the house are full. It is mid summer and leaves are sprouting on trees all around. There is thick undergrowth below trees surrounding my house. Fresh new growth is always welcome. The shade provides much needed comfort. Then, there’s the pathway.

All The Basics About Roses

Consumers get to celebrate birthdays without having to worry about getting fat or gaining weight. You can also design your own flower bouquets with adorable stuff toys, and a handful of gift options to combine with the flower gift.

Garden Hose – The Humble Hose, A Gardener’s Best Friend

The garden hose is one of the most useful items in a garden. It is the one thing that most gardeners can not do without. Imagine having to water the long rows of plants without a hose and you will get an idea about how useful the garden hose is and how very much neglected it is in terms of importance.

The First Consideration When You Grow Your Own Truffles

If you are looking to grow your own truffles, this need not be something that can be particularly difficult if you look to the right places to get information on how to do it. Because if you are looking to plant your own truffle trees, you can grow something really quite worth while, which might be worth something if you persevere with it. If you are looking for the most valued truffles of all then you need to look no further than the white truffle which is usually found in Alba in Italy and Perigord black truffle which…

Killing Fungus Gnats – The Hydroponic Way

Fungus gnats can be a real menace in an otherwise trouble-free hydroponic system; these are small dark flies which have quite distinctive wings and long legs. Since it belongs to the Sciaridae family, it is also known as sciarid flies. These are generally weak flies and tend to hover about near the plants always.

Hydroponic Nutrients – The Three Essential Ones for Maximum Yield

There are so many different hydroponic nutrients and these must be chosen or formulated depending on the need of the plants being cultivated. But there are three essential formulas that are used very commonly for most plants and these include grow and bloom base, enrichment formula and the hydroponics fortifiers. It is important to use a grow and bloom base for your urban garden as this formula contains the base nutrients.

Choosing Hydroponic Stores – Your Destination for Hydroponic Nutrients and Supplies

A lot of thought and attention must go in before choosing hydroponic stores as this is directly related to the amount and quality of yield in your home or organic garden. To get maximum yield, you must ensure that the retail stores that you have chosen stock the best supplies, nutrients and equipment. Today, you have the advantage of choosing hydroponic stores both online as well as at physical locations.

Watering Tips for Your Plants in the Hot Summer Heat

Hot weather is here! Flowers are blooming and vegetables are growing. With all this heat some vegetation is showing signs of stress. How can we help these plants we’ve nurtured to grow? They need to be watered properly.

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