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Indoor & Outdoor Fountains – Add A Peaceful Touch To Your Home Or Garden

The beautiful sight of a cascading water fountain combined with the gentle trickling sound of the flowing water is wonderfully soothing. We all tend to lead busy lives these days, and when our nerves are fraught, being able to retreat to a peaceful spot and relax for a few moments is important. This is where fountains come in handy.

Best-Loved Garden Themes

People have also made use of different garden themes that allow them to be virtually transported to a different place, a different time, just by being in their themed-garden. There are two most-popular or best-loved garden themes today: the Italian Garden and the Japanese Garden.

Window Greenhouse For the Gardener With Limited Space

A window greenhouse can allow gardeners who lack the space or need for a full fledged greenhouse. There are a number of options, providing an answer for just about every need.

Artificial Flowers – From Hell

My neighbor is totally devoid of any artistic sense. The materials he chooses for his yard decoration are totally baffling. Even though his yard is neat and well maintained, the decorations he placed there will appall anyone. He fancies using artificial flowers in his decorations but the result of his labor always looked like a product of some demented scientific experiment.


“Lavender” brings to mind both a color and an aroma. The genus name, Lavendula, comes from the Latin word, lavare, meaning “to wash”. Find out more information about Lavender.

10 Florida Lawn Care Tips

Having a lush lawn in Florida can be a challenge with the hot weather and tough grasses – here’s some tips that will have your neighbors green with envy.

Plastic Greenhouse Films

Plastic covered greenhouses are an economical choice for the home gardener. The plastic used should be a good greenhouse grade which lasts a few years and provides good light transmission.

Comparing Fresh & Silk flowers

The journey of life is full of special moments, celebrations and jubilations. Sending fresh and silk flowers at such times make these moments more beautiful and special. Often buying fresh lilies or buying silk flowers involves great emotions, as it is for a special person.

Herb Growing All Year Long

If you have spent over 20 years growing plants, chances are you’ve grown a lot of different types. From annuals to perennials we have grown them all but one of our favorite plants to grow are herbs.

5 Simple Lawn Watering Tips to Make Your Lawn Shine

Are you watering your lawn blindly? I hope not! Here are 5 simple lawn watering tips that you can use to make your lawn shine and grow healthily. Read on.

Garden Greenhouse – Heated or Cold

Heated and unheated greenhouses both play their part in producing and storing plants for the home gardener. And with proper planning, one structure can satisfy both needs.

Avoid This Common Mistake That Can Kill Your Bonsai Tree

Improper watering kills more bonsai trees than anything else – here’s some tips on how to water your bonsai the right way.

The 7 Things To Avoid When Controlling Lawn Weeds

Weeds are always present in any lawn and controlling them is part and parcel of lawn care. Here are 7 things that you should not be doing when getting rid of those irritating weeds in your lawn.

Caring for Roses

A look at caring for Roses… Roses are some of the most beautiful flowers in existence. They are one of the most commonly grown flowers around the world because there are so many different varieties and they will grow in most climates around the world, needing no special heat or cold requirements to flower.

History Of Blueberry Plants

A brief history of blueberry plants.

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