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Organic Grown Potatoes – A Simple and Clean Method of Growing Potatoes in Straw

Tips you should know about growing potatoes in straw. A clean an simple way to grow potatoes.

Organic Gardening – Growing Potatoes in a Bag

Tips you should know about planting potatoes in a bag. A unique method of growing potatoes when you have limited space. You don’t even need a garden to plant potatoes.

Hot Vs Cold Composting

The word “compost” conjures up a vague picture of piles of leaves, sticks and soil, sitting there, doing something. There are compost bins, compost tumblers, compost piles, compost pens, compost pits and other compost structures. You can compost in a trash can or a plastic bag. You can forcibly involve worms, or let organisms find their own way in. You can compost under your sink, in your yard or at your community garden. The biggest difference between different methods of composting is whether the compost is managed as “Hot” or “Cool.”

Organic Gardening – Pros and Cons You Should Know Before Using Plastic Mulch

The use of plastic mulch is becoming more commonly used in the home garden. In an organic garden it can do more harm than good if not used correctly. Plastic mulch is a quick and easy way of controlling weeds but can damage the soil and the plants you are growing.There is a time and a place that it should be used.

What Is It About Orchids?

I’m quite sure you would agree when I say, orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers which owe their hugely dedicated fan following to their mesmerizing appearance. Whether you are an orchid enthusiast or just a person who likes to have different kinds of flowers at home; once you have an orchid plant, you won’t be content with just one.

Orchid Potting – The Proper Methods

Flowers are probably the most beautiful creation of the God after children. Although there are a galore of beautiful flowers at our helm, beauty of the Orchids is the most remarkable and breathtaking among them. The orchid family shows the greatest variety in different types of Orchids as compared to any other plant family.

An Orchids Flowers – Structural Variations

Orchid is a large family in the classification of flowering plants. There are many species of orchids. Flowers look different from each other. Some growers successfully interbred orchids to produce a new orchids, flowers can eventually look better than it’s parents. Hybrids can strengthen a weak line or add more variety in this large plant family. Sometimes, interbreeding is not as successful.

Organic Gardening – Growing Fresh Potatoes in Your Home Garden

Tips you should know about growing potatoes in your backyard garden. Potatoes are becoming one of the most common crops grown in the home garden and they are simple to grow.

10 Tips For Greener Gardens

Environmentally-friendly habits to green up your garden. Here are some simple ways you can make a difference.

Garden Food For Thought

When our nation faces a recession, it becomes receptive to the notion of gardening for both economic benefit and pleasure. As we face food price hikes-despite relief in gas prices and cancel big-ticket purchases and investments, we turn to our gardens for comfort and sustenance.

Fertilizers – The Real Reasons Against Using Chemical Fertilizer on Your Garden Plants

Increasing numbers of home gardeners are turning against chemical fertilizers as the main means of feeding their garden plants. This trend is strengthened by the vague idea that chemical fertilizers are synthetic products and therefore unnatural. When it comes to growing edible plants, many people believe that they and their families are consuming unhealthy synthetic residues as opposed to “pure” fruit and vegetables that have been grown organically.

6 Ways to Save Water in Your Garden

As the water tables in our areas continue to drop every effort must be made to conserve water. Here are 6 things you can do to save one of our most precious resources.

How to Use Hydroponic Growing Systems

Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants without soil. It works on the principle that plant growth can be optimized by controlling the conditions of growth. Towards this end, different hydroponic growing systems have evolved to suit different growing requirements.

Orchid Care in Warm Temperatures

As the light summer wind and bracing noon sun treats orchids in nature different during the mid-months, so you must also treat indoor and garden orchids differently yourself during the warm months. While many plant owners will bring their indoor orchids to the fresh wind and sun of Mother Nature during the summer, precautions should still be exercised.

Choosing Your Flowers – Fragrance

When planning your flower garden for the year, shouldn’t you expect the smell to match the beauty that your eyes see everyday? What is the point of flower garden that does not smell great? I’m thinking we can all agree that smell is an important part of your flower garden.

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