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Mazus Reptans – Perennial Ground Cover For Semi-Shade

Mazus reptans is an excellent perennial ground cover choice for the shady or semi-shady garden. The blue flowers and bright green foliage are sure to please you as the plant creeps across the garden.

Pest Control – Indoor Ants

Ants are usually nuisance pests for the most part. While some can cause painful bites, the problem that most of us have with them is that they are where they should not be, or that there are just too many of them. But they can contaminate the food we eat and some may cause damage to our homes by building nests in wooden structural members.

Lawn Tractors and You

Safety is a big concern for any power tool, but most especially a lawn tractor. This article gives you some safety tips to operating your lawn tractor to make it as safe as possible.

History Of Grapevines

A brief history of the grapevine that we know and love.

How to Buy Orchid Flowers – Expert Tips For Gardening Enthusiasts

Orchids have never been so plentiful or cheap. Orchids are comparable in price to bouquets of cut flowers or even just potted plants. However an orchid represents better value since they last longer in bloom. Orchids can be bought from many different outlets, even from grocery shops and garden centers to online shopping malls.

The ABC’s of Waterfalls Part 2

The ABC’s if Waterfalls Part Two takes up where The ABC’s of Waterfalls Part One left off. Read this user friendly description and you’ll understand all the basics of creating a beautiful waterfall.

The ABC’S of Waterfalls

Waterfalls are the most enchanting aspect of the new water gardening hobby that’s sweeping the US, and this article explains that waterfalls are as simple as ABC.

Pest Control – Mice

Winter is here, which for some people means; they’ll soon have mice. It’s the time of the year when mice migrate indoors to find warmth, shelter and food. This can present a real problem because once they establish themselves in the home they are difficult to get rid of.

The Adirondack Chair – An American Classic

Today, the Adirondack chair is an American classic, a symbol of comfort, and for some, a reminder of an age of innocence when they would curl up in the chairs with their mother or father and listen to stories being told under a blanket of stars.


Ever wonder what Dragonflies do as they are zooming around? These flying gems are a wonderful organic way to reduce the bad bugs on your property.

Greenhouse Kits for Hobby Gardeners

Hobby gardeners love the challenges a greenhouse offers them. It is not surprising that the gardening industry has jumped on the greenhouse bandwagon and has put together greenhouse kits for savvy hobbyists who do not mind putting up their own greenhouses.

Southern Grass: Finding the Right Grass for Your Climate

You may think that grass is all the same. but you need to find a grass that is specially suited to your climate.

New and Unusual Basil Herbs for 2007

Basil’s long, intriguing history is steeped in legend and folklore. It can make a wonderful specialty herb garden or home business cash crop for teas, local gourmet restaurants, and other “foodie” customers. With more than 150 varieties, from lime to clove, the possibilities seem almost endless.

A Winter Rose

How to prepare a rose for winter always depends on temperature. In general, if in your area during winter the temperature drops to minus 10 degrees F or lower then any rose bush will need some protection.

4 Things Every Orchid Grower Should Know

Learn the 4 basic things you need to successfully grow orchids in your own home.

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