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Invasive Pest Month

If you have ever traveled out of the country, you have been given a set of rules to follow when bringing back stuff from your holiday. This list includes no meat, fruits and vegetables, plants, cut flowers, and then other stuff.

Herb Garden of Italy

Italy is well known for its good and tasty food and they are famous too for their herbs. It’s very possible if you want to grow your own Italian herb garden. We can find the most famous and best herbs from Italy. A well known Italian herb is the basil and you can use it in different Italian dishes.

Herb Plants All Over the World

Herb garden plants are categorized into various species and you can find them all over the world. But not all herb plants can grow in one country. What grows in Israel may not grow in Mexico. The herb plants are also grown depending on the kind of environment.

Growing Plants in Hot Climate

Gardening in Florida is a challenge if you are not accustomed to gardening in a hot climate. Gardening is a great pastime. But if you are in a hot climate you need additional help to make your plants grow great.

Container Gardening

The joy of all those who reside in condos or smaller apartments is that they can now get the fresh plants from the outside to the indoors by just using what is called container gardening. So it is possible for plant lovers to surround themselves with fresh plants in their homes at last. This kind of gardening allows the plants to be put in containers of different sizes and shapes that are quite attractive.

Indoor Greenhouse

Most people do not realize the value of an indoor greenhouse. There are numerous benefits to an indoor greenhouse and they can all be achieved for a relatively low amount if you know what you are doing. Getting a greenhouse may be an easy way to cut down on the monthly food bill while doing something enjoyable in your free time.

Spots and Blotches on My Plants – Why?

Thousands of leaf-spotting fungi exist, and most flowering plants are occasionally blemished by leaf spots. Fortunately, most leaf spots cause only cosmetic damage on flowering plants. Nevertheless, they can turn out to be serious, deadly problem.

What Salmon Safe Certified Means to Native Nursery Practices

Salmon safe was launched in year 1995 and was completely focused on the restoration of the water quality and Salmon habitats in Pacific Northwest watersheds. All these activities are done by measuring different nursery operations by professional certifiers.

Growing Plants in Your Condo

Most people think that once a person resides in an apartment or condo then they do not really have enough space to grow any plants. Live plants are beautiful, friendly to the eye and very refreshing, giving us many reasons to love and adore them all. That is why those who live in limited spaces are trying their best to have live plants by using container gardening method.

Gardening in the Hot Climate

Gardening in the hot climate of Florida and California are a real challenge, but they are not an impossibility. It just harder than you expect. You will have to take extra care and time to grow the same thing you grew in Pennsylvania.

Grab Amazing Facts About Western Oregon Native Plants

If we talk about Western Oregon native plants then they are available in abundance. Here the main reason for the availability of plants is the presence of Pacific Ocean which makes the land fertile and provides amazing breeds of plants.

Citrus Leaf Identification

There are hundreds of breeds of citrus leaves, but you would be amazed at what types of citrus leaf identification there are. Here a few to learn about.

Holly Leaf Identification

Hollies consist of evergreen shrubs and deciduous trees with ornamental foliage that produces vibrant red colored berries. These berries appear late summer in green color and changes to bright red, which booms in the fall and through out the winter season. Its foliage and berries are sometimes use as a decorative element, and eaten by birds. Common forms include inkberry, winterberry, Japanese, Chinese and lusterleaf.

What to Look For in Bulbs

Bulbs should be firm to the touch, with the outer skin called tunic as complete as possible. The skins should not be loose, cracked or showing signs of mould. Avoid bulbs that are soft, which indicates rot, or hard and mummified.

Sugar Maple Leaf Identification

For many years, sugar maple trees have been used in the effort of making maple syrup. Although most people now buy their syrup at the grocery store, it is still possible to find a sugar maple, tap it, and then produce your own maple syrup. In this article, I’m going to explain how you discover which tree is a sugar maple, mainly by leaf identification.

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