Best Roses of Summer and How to Get More Blooms

Worm Castings – Do You Use Nature’s Time Release Fertilizer?

One of natures natural fertilizers as well as insect and disease repellents is called a worm casting. These small nodules are created by red worms as they participate in the composting process, something that they naturally do and have done for millions of years. Here are a few ways that you can use worm castings to not only enhance your organic garden but also protect it from harmful invaders.

Compost Tea – The Tea of Worms Explained

There is a certain kind of tea that no one should drink but is one of the most beneficial, nutrient filled solutions that has ever existed. It is called worm tea. What is worm tea? Here are a few tips on how you can create and use worm tea otherwise known as compost tea to enhance your organic gardening needs.

Organic Gardening Tips – 5 Tips to Successful Organic Gardens

People that have a successful garden have created one based upon their consistent upkeep, planning, and a desire to make their garden grow. Here are a 5 organic gardening tips on how to make sure that your organic garden goals are reached by looking at planning, soil preparation, fertilizers, irrigation, and insect and disease control.

Make a Worm Bin – The Economical Worm Bin Solution

It is a well known fact in the organic gardening community that red worms create some of the best compost that you can use in your garden. It is actually a very simple process which I am going to oversimplify to get to the main point. Here are a few tips on how you can make a worm bin that will work in any urban or rural indoor situation.

Home Composting – Compost Indoors For Pennies on the Dollar

If gardening is a hobby of yours, yet you believe that you could not garden from your apartment or house, let me help you change your mind. Here is a simple solution that will show you how to create a home composting system in your house for pennies on the dollar.

Vermicomposting Systems – Fast Composting on a Shoestring Budget

One of natures most underrated workers are the eisenia fetida or red wiggler worms. They can take vegetation that is currently rotting and process it in a way that creates compost as the natural end product of what they do with this organic matter. Here is a very easy vermicomposting system that anyone can do in order to create their own worm compost machine.

Organic Herbs – Grow Herbs Organically in 3 Easy Steps

If you are a cook or a chef, or just simply enjoy tasty food that is seasoned with herbs, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to begin to grow your own herbs. Here are three easy steps that you can take in order to begin growing organic herbs without all of the hassle and price when buying them at your local store.

Planting Zones

Planting zones in the United States, which are also known as Hardiness Zones, can be thought of as the rate of survival to the plant life in that particular region during cold periods, such as winter. In effect it is the survival rate ability of a plant during the winter months that can fruitfully live on into the next growing season. The zones were first developed by the United States Department of Agriculture, or the USDA.

Growing Bamboo As a Landscape Plant

Bamboo is one of the most versatile and beautiful plants in the world. No landscaping plants are as easy to grow or quick-growing. Armed with just a little knowledge, you can make bamboo an excellent addition to your landscape or garden.

Growing Organic Cucumbers

Cucumbers have many uses. You can use it for making pickles, salad, or just eaten raw as an appetizer. You can also use it as beauty agent to relax your eyes and minimize wrinkles. This versatile vine also possesses many medicinal properties. Growing organic cucumbers on your garden therefore should always be on top of your gardening list.

Container Gardening 101

Container gardening is a great way to grow flowers, herbs and even some vegetables in a small space. Containers come in all different shapes and sizes; they can be plastic, cement or ceramic; and they come in a variety of colors. Here are some ideas I’ve used successfully in my container garden.

Turn Pesty Insects Into Plant Food

Are you tired of being bugged by insects? Plant carnivorous plants to help control the problem.

The Importance of Using Rainwater In Gardening

Consider this: one inch of rain will yield half a gallon of water for every square foot. That means that 100 square feet can capture 50 gallons of water. That’s a lot of water and in the city most of it will go down the sewer drains. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of water and the benefits of using rainwater in your garden.

Weeding Tools, Tips and Techniques That Work

It’s not a secret that removing difficult weeds consistently ranks as people’s most unpopular gardening chore. But there is good news in the battle against weeds: Homeowners tired of spending backbreaking hours in the garden pulling dandelions can breath a sigh of relief thanks to proven procedures, clever tips and innovative weeding tools.

Indoor Seed Starting Essentials

Start your own seeds indoors to get a jump on spring. Get greater variety in your vegetable or flower gardens. Starting seeds indoors is easy, if you follow these few tips. The gardening and therapeutic benefits will will reward your efforts many times over.

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