Best Mountain Fruit Trees and How to Plant Them Now

A Vegetable Garden Of a Different Color

We all know that beans are green and yellow, tomatoes are red, cauliflower is white, and pumpkins are orange, right? Why not get your neighbors talking by having a vegetable garden where nothing is the right colour?!

The Many Benefits of Hydroponics

There are many benefits to hydroponics. These range from using less space and resources to producing better tasting produce.

Creating A Bird-Friendly Backyard With Wooden Bird Houses

A few wooden bird houses will help you create a wild bird oasis right in your backyard. Even small backyards can be natural havens for our feathered friends.

Planting Zones Hold Key Information For Gardeners

It’s necessary to know a little about the various planting zones – particularly your own – before you hunker down and get to work in your garden. Why, you might ask? Your planting zone is the deciding factor as to the specific plants you ought to be planting in order to have them thrive in your climate.

Eggplant Growing and Moon Phases

Guide to planting, growing, culture and harvesting of eggplant. This purple black glossy vegetable of the Nightshade family has a mild flavor similar to that of fried oysters and is often substituted for meat. A warm-season crop that produces best in hot, sunny weather and when planted in the proper moon phase. The eggplant is grown from seed as a tender annual.

Successfully Create Your Own Free Plants By Taking Cuttings

If you want to get more plants for free (and who doesn’t?), taking cuttings is a great way to get a lot more plants – fairly quickly. It’s not that hard – even if you’re a beginner, providing you follow these simple steps.

Indoor Gardens – Brilliant Ideas With Exotic Plants

Certain kinds of plants are absolutely perfect for growing indoors, and an indoor garden is a great way to spiff up your place! Try a simple yet elegant combination of exotic plants and flowers in your home. Whether in the kitchen, in the living room, on your patio, in the bathroom, or anywhere else in your home, an indoor garden could be the decorating solution you have been looking for.

The Bokashi Composting System

A look the Bokashi Composting System and how to use use it. Learn how to compost fish, raw and cooked meats and cheese using effective microorganisms.

Lawn Care – So What Sort Of Lawn Should I Have For My Yard? – From The Lawn Expert

What is the best turf grass for you? What turf grass should you select for your own lawn: kikuyu, couch or buffalo? Quite often people ask me what really is the best turf for their yard. Invariably, the type of turf grass present in someone’s yard may have been the appropriate turf grass when the property was initially landscaped. However, with the passage of time all garden plants and trees grow to quite large plants and trees.

Pruning Evergreen Trees In The Spring – Important Tips For The Home Gardener

The way your garden trees grow and how long they will live, are to a great extent a reflection on how they have been pruned. Considering that the tree is the single most precious item in the garden, it is worthwhile knowing a few things about pruning.

Lawn Care – 5 Quick Tips For A Great Looking Lawn – From The Lawn Expert

Here are 5 quick tips to help turn your tired old grass in to lush green lawn! 1. Regular fertilising and weed control of lawn areas. 2. To make it harder for lawn weeds to spread and proliferate, it is desirable to mow the lawn at a height of around 30mm (generally for most turf grasses including kikuyu, couch and buffalo – and for durban at a height of around 50mm). The turf grass will grow dense and thick, making it harder for weed seeds to germinate. Best results will occur with frequent mowing, thereby encouraging good lateral growth.

Cactus Landscape – Guide to Landscaping with Cacti

With the ever increasing water shortages in different areas of America why wouldn’t you use a cactus landscape? There’s even a term for cactus landscaping or landscaping that saves water; it’s called xeriscaping. Some important aspects of using cacti landscaping are…

Slugs, Snails But Certainly Not Puppy Dog Tails

Organic gardening does allow you to route our the varmints that threaten your plant to plate ratio. Here are some tips that work for, and washed out, for this writer who gardens in Ireland’s Northwest.

Different Types of Night Blooming Cactus

The night blooming cactus is regarded as the odds of the Cactus family and is also the cacti species that is quoted as lifeless for almost a year. The Deer Horn Cactus is also a night glowing cactus and is observed very less in the wild habitant, due to its perturbed visibility. Occasionally in the middle of summer every year, its elegantly aromatic blooms buds as the night falls and closes eternally with the arrival of the first rays of the sunlight.

Simple Steps for Cactus Identification

Cacti are beautiful thorny plants, which are normally seen in the desert regions of America. It is surprising to note that even though cactus thrives in the United States, most Americans don’t even know the basics of cactus identification process. Contrary to popular belief, cacti are those plants, which can be easily identified. By following some simple steps, anyone can identify a cactus plant.

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