Best Evergreens for Mountain Landscapes

The Strawberry Tree and Other Great Slow Growing Plants

One of the great things about being a gardener is that you never stop learning. Walking round a local park recently, (I live and work in central Israel) I came across a splendid old Strawberry tree, Arbutus unedo, and immediately wondered why I had neglected even to consider it for the private gardens I build. The principle reason can probably be traced to a reluctance, exacerbated no doubt by commercial pressures, to include some slow growing plants in the garden design.

Small Spaces for Landscaping

It’s only natural to have big aspirations on landscaping. But with the right plants and structures, even small spaces can become great landscaping areas.

How to Discourage Garden Pests

Although one is tempted to go on a rampage when seeing pests feast on your plants, try to control the amount of herbicides and pesticides you use. They are toxic and harmful to pests, pets and even people.

Companion Planting Vegetables For Increased Crops

With the right combination, companion planting in your vegetable garden is a great way to improve growth, reduce disease, encourage beneficial insects to thrive and discourage pests. But first you need to know the right combinations!

Garden Design – The Approach to Take When Designing Different Areas of the Same Plot

If you have a lawn surrounded by flower beds shrubs and a fruit tree in the back garden, do you need the same thing in the front? This article raises a number of garden design issues.

10 Ways Of Saving Water In The Garden

Top tips for managing water use in your garden especially where is doesn’t rain very often (or indeed hardly ever): 1. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean the paved areas in your garden. If you are doing this with the children you can make a game of it and see who sweeps up the biggest pile of dirt or leaves.

Getting Started with Indoor Gardening

Supplies are the final important of any indoor garden. Naturally you should use pots that will blend in with your decor.This should be easy to accomplish. You can get clay pots, ceramic pots, metal pots, or even wooden pots in almost any design.

Basic Landscape Gardening Tips

So make a plan of the shrubs, trees, and flowers you will use before hand, and gradually grow a beautiful landscape yard. You should think about the technical aspects, such as what you will use to build your flowerbeds and what you will use as a drainage.

Planting An Orchard In Your Own Backyard

There are many different types of plants that you can have in your yard. But have you considered planting an orchard? That might seem ridiculous, as you look at your small backyard area. But it’s not so silly. You can do it by learning tips from the commercial growers.

Orchid Growing

Different orchid types need different management if your orchids are to realize their full potential. Growing orchids is very rewarding. After all, orchids are amongst the most stunning flowers around. They possess fragrance, color, form and keeping quality that is unsurpassed in the plant world.

Learn How to Grow Seeds

A seed is like a hard shelled egg. Food is stored inside the seed and this will provide energy for the plant, flower and or tree that it will eventually sprout into once it comes out of dormancy. In other words it is a tiny version of the adult plant, flower or tree.

Maintaining a Garden in Winter

It is wintertime again and people across the country are wondering what they can do to keep their gardens looking beautiful. One answer is to maintain your lawn ornaments so that they add some extra flair to the yard.

How to Create a Welcoming Garden

If you have just moved into a new home then the garden is probably pretty bare. In fact, most yards are lacking serious landscaping and few have any shrubs or bushes to speak of. So, when you move in to a new home you will want to put forth a lot of effort to make your home look better and more welcoming.

Buying a Cordless or Electric Lawn Mower for the Garden

Electric lawn mowers have been very popular among home owners with regular sized gardens for some time. These types of mower are often very light (especially some of the newer models), quiet to operate, and provide a clean cut of the lawn. Cordless mowers are also bought by many people who have small, flat lawns, and prefer not to drag a wire cord along when mowing.

How to Plant Iris Bulbs

Iris flowers are some of the most popular flowers for beautifying your garden. Learn how and when to plant these popular plants.

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