Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Winter Watering

Patio Tables – Outdoor Fun Is Just Around The Corner

With the warmer months right around the corner, you may be considering some festivities with the family out on your patio. A great addition to your existing outdoor furniture might be a stylish new patio table. How about a nice game of Monopoly, or a friendly game of Rummy to keep the party going, atop a stylish patio table?

Why Bare Root Roses Are A Stand Out Choice

Bare root roses are not very pretty when they arrive at your door. They’re dormant stock and brown roots, but since there’s no chance of transplant shock, they’re a great choice for beginning your rose garden.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Growing Tips for the Phalaenopsis Orchid

Raised Garden Beds

If you would like an excellent vegetable garden or flower patch you should try raised garden beds. Raised beds are great for growing healthy, delicious vegetables and strong, beautiful flowers and they’re easy to build. This guide will give you an overview of what to consider when building raised beds.

Kitchen Compost Crock

If you’re a gardener who’s tired of battling winter weather to get out to your compost bin then you should consider getting a kitchen compost crock. Find out how these indoor compost bins can help you make compost all year long.

Operating A Leaf Vacuum

The leaf vacuum is a device that has revolutionized fall clean up in homes across the country. In essence, a leaf vacuum is a device with a nozzle attachment that uses suction to pick up leaves. For anyone who has spent hours raking a lawn, the leaf vacuum is nothing short of inspired.

Did You Know You Have Help In Your Battle To Control Landscape Weeds?

Do you really want to hand pull weeds? Save time and frustration by controlling weeds before they control you.

Grass Types – As Many As Flowers

Most people, if they think of grass at all, think that one size fits all – any grass will do for any lawn. That’s not the case. There are more grass species than flower species, so it’s easy to find the right one for your lawn.

Bringing A Yard To Life With Landscape Gardening

The tradition of gardening continues as gardens of all types can be found. Some gardens are obviously more than a haphazard collection of plants and flowers, they are planned, organized, beautiful, and often thematic; and those gardens are the product of landscape gardening.

Getting the “Dirt” on Relocating House Plants

This article offers helpful tips on transplanting indoor and outdoor plants.

How to Grow Herbs – Angelica (Angelica Archgangelica, Angelica Atropurpurea)

Angelica is used in the kitchen and in herbal medicine, as well as in confectionery, perfume and wine and liqueur industry. The whole plant is aromatic but in Europe it is only grown for its root. Two year old root should be dug in September or October, sliced and dried rapidly, and stored in air-tight containers to preserve the medical qualities for several years.

Patio Umbrella And Outdoor Sunbrella Fabrics For Shade And Design

It used to be that a patio umbrella served one function – to keep the sun out of our eyes as we barbecued in the backyard or to provide shade on a hot, summer day. Today, patio umbrellas possess the power to add character to any backyard as more and more homeowners are discovering the enhanced delight that comes with products boasting brightly colored Sunbrella fabrics. Accommodating any patio, home garden, or pool scene, a patio umbrella constructed from the sturdy Sunbrella fabric not only goes above and beyond their inviting appearance, but also furnishes users with much-needed UV protection.

One Man Went To Mow…But Just How Do You Mow A Meadow?

Ever wondered how large areas of grassland are cut? This article from an amenity horticulture professional gives you tips which can also help you take charge of your own large garden.

How to Prune Your Grape Vine

Looking back, had I known then what I know now, I could have turned that grape vine into a great producer, enjoyed the fruits and possibly even, learned how to make wine. What are the things I should have known and how would I do it differently? Basically, I would look at four critical elements.

The Iron Arbor

Are you into the idea of drawing the interests of your visitors toward the outside area of your home? Do you like your home to be a standout in your whole neighborhood? Now if your answers are all yes, then you may employ the use of an iron arbor decor. Iron arbors can give a distinct characteristic to your home.

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