Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Shrubs That Look Better in the Cold

Why Grow Tomatoes Organically and How to Do It

Organic gardening is no longer the preserve of hippies and old timers. It’s the healthiest way to grow any plants – particularly fruits and vegetables. In this article we discover the scientific basis behind organic practices, and begin to explore how to grow tomatoes organically.

Gardening With Kids in Winter – Two Projects

For those of us who love to garden with our kids, winter can be a long, gray waiting period for the soil to warm up. Most of us put thoughts of gardening aside, with the occasional sigh of anticipation when a new seed catalog comes in the mail. Following are two projects you can do with your kids to extend your and your kids’ connection to the garden year-round.

Lawn Care – Common Lawn Problems (and Simple Solutions) Faced by Home Owners – Part 2

There are many frustrated home owners who just cannot get it right with their lawn. This frustration stems from some of the following lawn situations.

Raised Bed Gardening Pros and Cons

Raised bed gardening has enormous benefits to your plants and to you, the gardener. But there are also some disadvantages to be considered as well. In this article, we’ll evaluate the various pros and cons of raised bed gardening so you can make an informed decision about what type of garden is best for you.

Indoor Gardening – Various Indoor Lighting to Grow Tomatoes Indoors in the Winter Months

Indoor gardening can be just as rewarding as gardening outdoors can be if done properly. The only differences between these two methods are the source of light and weather conditions. This can give indoor gardening an advantage by having a more controlled environment and a longer growing season.

Organic Gardening – Getting Over Cabin Fever and Getting Ready to Start Planting

Tips you should know to get your garden started when the first sign of spring is here. Now is the time to start planning and getting ready to start your spring gardening.

Benefits of Organic Gardening

There are a number of good reasons for the home gardener to consider organic gardening. While one of the added benefits are that the fruits and vegetables being grown have a much better taste, the major benefit is the minimal impact on the garden, and ultimately the environment. Home gardeners, in most cases, use far more pesticides and chemicals than are really necessary. The over use of pesticides have many adverse effects.

Growing Chilies – How to Propagate Chili Seeds

Chilies need an early start to get the best harvest you can from them. The chili plant is one which thrives in a hot climate and if, like me, you live in a temperate zone then the longer you can give then to develop the better. I have to grow mine in a greenhouse to get the best from the type I grow but I still start them off early.

How to Improve Your Garden Soil

This article explains how producing great plants, vegetables and flowers depends a great deal on the condition of the soil that they are grown in. The pH level of the soil is an important factor in growing healthy plants and you can find out how to identify and change the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. You will also be able to diagnose what type of soil you have and learn how to correct and improve any problems.

Home Improvement Through Gardening

Gardening, undoubtedly, is a great thing for alleviating stress and providing mental relaxation. It is usually known as practice of growing ornamental plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables etc. Gardening can give you relaxation after the whole day’s hard work and it becomes more enjoyable when you have personal plot for this. However, with the passage of time, many new methods or systems have been introduced.

Free Organic Weed Control

Unlike regular weed control, using a chemical product which is both sometimes dangerous, and always expensive, organic weed control can be and very inexpensive. It’s true you can also buy expensive organic weedkillers but to be honest these are not very effective.

Growing Tomatoes in Containers

The tomato is everyone’s favorite vegetable to grow in containers. Most people who have never gardened before will begin by planting tomatoes. There is something very satisfying about seeing those red beauties ripen during the lazy, hazy days of summer. If you are planning to do some container gardening this season, here are a few tips to keep your tomatoes healthy and hearty.

Orchids Cattleya

Without a doubt, some of the most beautiful of all orchids’ species is no other than the Cattleyas Orchids. These very special orchids are wondrous to behold and to have around in one’s world. So how does one go about growing and caring for these Cattleyas Orchids?

Grow My Own Vegetables – 7 Tips You MUST Know

More people than ever are choosing to grow their own vegetables. More nutritious and better tasting than their mass produced counterparts novices are asking just how do I get started? There a number of fantastic online tools to help you from the comfort of your own home available right now.

Pruning Grape Vines – A Farmer’s Guide to Pruning Grape Vines

Want to learn how to prune grape vines? It sounds a lot harder than it really is once you have discovered the secrets. This article covers the proven ways of pruning grape vines that will reap the most fruit from your plants.

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