Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Where’s the Fruit?

Seeing the Blues – Bluebird Houses

Hanging a bluebird house has been a popular backyard birding activity for years. Bluebirds are adored for their beautiful blue coloring, their gentle temperament and their pleasing song. Attracting bluebirds is a wonderful way to invite nature into your yard.

Compost – The 4 Reasons Why It Should Be Well-Rotted Before Use

The purpose of adding compost to the soil is to improve and develop it over a period of time. Spreading fresh manure, or compost that has not properly decomposed, is liable to have the opposite affect.

Soil pH – Growing Plants In Alkaline Soils

Growing plants in soils that have a high percentage of lime, (alkaline soils) is more a case of managing the soil correctly, than of choosing lime-tolerant plants. Here are some guidelines.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Herbs

Growing your own herbs has many benefits. You’ll quickly learn just how great it is to grow your own herbs once you start reaping the rewards of your harvest. Most people who grow a few herbs never want to stop, and their herb gardens only seem to expand every year!

Beginner’s Guide to Flower Gardening

The first thing you need to do is learn a little bit about flowers in general. You need to learn the difference between annuals and perennials, for example. Annuals need to be replanted every year, but perennials keep blooming year after year.

A Guide to Edible Landscapes

Many people are choosing to move to creating more natural landscapes, even landscapes which contain plants that are useful, or can be eaten. Many vegetable plants are very attractive, and a lot of edible plants have ornamental varieties.

Guide To Choosing Containers for Your Container Garden

Choosing the right container for a particular type of plant is critical to its success. If you choose the wrong size pot, it could seriously stunt the growth of the plant. You need to choose the right size of pot, but it’s almost as important to choose a container that’s made of the right material. Different materials will work better in different situations.

Introduction to Butterfly Gardening

In order to attract butterflies to your garden, you have to make your yard more inviting to them. You’ll need to provide plants that the caterpillars can use, food for the adult butterflies, and a good place for the butterflies to breed.

Planting A Windbreak

There are many situations where creating a garden is made very difficult by strong winds. These in themselves can make it hard to establish more sensitive plants but if the winds carry salt from sea water or are particularly cold the challenge is even greater. Planting a windbreak can dramatically reduce the winds suffered by both our plants and ourselves.

Guide To Common Vegetable Garden Pests

Pests are a big problem for most gardeners. Some types of pests can destroy a crop in just a few hours! Most pests are more annoying than wantonly destructive, but finding bugs chowing down on your crops can drive anyone crazy!

A Guide To Water Gardening

Water always seems to have a soothing, calming effect on people. It is beautiful, sparkling, and gentle. Water gardens can certainly add interest to an otherwise bland yard. They can include waterfalls, ponds, fountains, and aquatic plants.

An Introduction To Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening is a way of growing plants inside beds that are raised up above the normal level of the soil in the garden. They’re typically housed inside a wooden frame, generally rectangular. The soil may be mixed in with tilled soil underneath, or it can simply be new soil placed on top of untilled ground.

Guide To The Benefits of Organic Gardening

Droves of people are turning to organic produce as a way to feel safer about the foods they eat. People are worried about the foods they put into their bodies. With all of the reports of food poisoning from fruits and vegetables, many people are worried about what they’re eating.

The Secrets of Bonsai

The ancient art of Bonsai has long been considered a difficult and time consuming method of gardening. It is not as hard or as lengthy as once thought, and can be done by anyone with the ability to learn about plants, and the patience to watch them grow.

10 Plant Care Ideas You Can Make At Home For Your Organic Garden

There is a renewed interest in organic gardening and organic foods and the health of our families. With the right homemade plant care products recipes and tips you will be able to achieve an organic garden, with healthier foods for you and your family. When you grow your own food, control the fertilizer you use, the pesticides you use and harvest your own garden produce, you know what you are feeding yourself and your family. Can you be that sure of the food you purchase?

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