Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – What is that Thing that Looks Like a Hummingbird

Lawn Care Advice You Can Use

Having the right lawn care advice helps anyone to maintain a healthy lawn. These tips will allow your lawn to reap the rewards.

Squirrel Proof Feeders – How to Discourage Squirrels From Stealing From Bird Feeders

How to discourage squirrels (humanely) from stealing bird food from your backyard wild bird feeders. Discover the best bird feeder types and bird food to choose and where to locate them to thwart these ingenious creatures. Even consider squirrel feeders as an entertaining distraction.

Using Lawn Care Sand Correctly

When it comes to lawn care, sand may be a necessary addition. Consider the use of sand in your lawn.

Take Advantage Of Professional Lawn Care Services

Professional lawn care services provide you with many solutions. For many, they are the best solution.

Improving Your Lawn Care Techniques

With a few good quality lawn care techniques, your lawn will look amazing. Install these in your daily care.

Growing a Kitchen Herb Garden

Growing an herb garden in your kitchen can be very rewarding. In days gone by, every home came equipped with its own garden, where people grew vegetables and fruits and herbs for both cooking and medicinal purposes. In most houses, such gardens were grown in the rear of a yard or side yard, but today’s space considerations make such luxuries impossible for many people.

Growing A Mini-Jade Bonsai

Mini-jade or portulacaria afra are gaining popularity for both beginner and advanced students of bonsai. Since they are a succulent watering is not a chore and they can be styled into most bonsai forms. Read more about this cactus species turned bonsai.

Bringing Your Garden Decor And Design to Life

If you are searching to make a unique look out of your garden, coming up with your own garden decor and design may be the best way to start. It’s not as hard as you think. Below you’ll find a few tips and ideas to bring your garden decor into life.

Fire Resilient Gardening

Many homeowners, when considering landscaping and gardening, are more concentrated on having a landscape that is pleasing to the eye, is a complement to their house, and has variations of color, foliage, and flowers. There is another important aspect of home landscaping that should be considered, which is safety. If you are developing your landscape, you should think about fire safety in general, and how flammable the plants are that you will use.

The Benefits Of Investing In A Lawn Tractor

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a lawn tractor. Consider why you should have one.

What To Do From Professional Lawn Care Mowers

Some suggestions and ideas from professional lawn care mowers. Use these to help maintain and make your lawn thrive.

Using Organic Lawn Care Products Correctly

When it comes to lawn care, organic lawn care products are the way to go. Know how to select them.

Lawn Maintenance Provides Long Term Advantages

Lawn maintenance is a must for homeowners. With the right strategies, you can develop the quality lawn you want.

Lawn Tractor Maintenance You Need To Have

Having a lawn tractor maintenance guide can help you to keep your machine working in the long term. These tips will help you.

Organic Lawn Care Offers Plenty of Benefits

Today, it is important to consider organic lawn care. Whenever possible, help your yard, the environment and your health!

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