Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Transplanting Iris

Ornamental Bushes For Fall Color In Your Dry Climate Garden

Fall in a Mediterranean type climate can be a time of year with little color in the garden. Here’s how to change that and enjoy plenty of color interest in your garden.

About Bonsai Basic Care

Learn the basics keypoints about bonsai tree care. Various elements about bonsai caring.

Garden Planters – Fabulous For Showing Off Your Gardening Skills

You have done a little gardening in the backyard, but when you look out the back door you essentially see your deck, then a lot of green. Sure, you know there are 27 different exotic plants, among other things, in your well loved garden, including that imported flower that you have been babying for the past four months, yet from a distance, they are not discernible. It’s all just a jumble of foliage.

Repairing Your Garden Hose

With the old familiar variety of garden hoses as well as black Poly irrigation systems, there are two major problems that occur along the length of the hose or pipe, one is cracking and/or splitting of the hose/pipe and the second problem is…

Tips For Orchid Growers

All aspiring orchid growers are aware about the exotic features of the orchid plants and also, how pleasing it is to grow these plants in the house. Few people are in fact tentative to take their aspiration further and grow these beautiful plants, since they conceive that great amount of care needs to be adopted, which probably a beginner or an amateur won’t be able to fulfill.

Tips For Growing Vegetables In A Garden

Creating a vegetable garden at home is an easy task if one takes appropriate care about vegetable plants during each stage of development. Here are certain tips to help you grow vegetables in a garden.

Vegetable Garden Growing Tips

Vegetables that are available at commercial stores are not good for health. Due to unrestrained use of pesticides, these harmful chemicals get accumulated in these vegetables and can pose significant health risks in humans over a period of time. Apart from this, most vegetables are priced too high and are ridiculously expensive.

Understanding Garden Composting

Composting is the most appropriate means of generating organic manure by reusing garden and kitchen waste. Composting can be described as the process by which complex organic components present in plants and animals are decomposed into simple materials with the intervention of microorganisms present in the soil.

Worm Farming And How To Get Started

The basics of worm farming and how to create your own worm farm. Information on types of worms and worm bins.

Preparing Soil For A Vegetable Garden

Considering the importance of soil in plant growth, one needs to ascertain the characteristics of soil that is being used for the purpose of growing plants in a vegetable garden. Properties of soil including the nutrient levels can be determined by getting the soil tested in a registered environmental laboratory.

Vegetable Garden Soil

One of the most critical factors that determine appropriate growth of garden plants is the soil that is being used for keeping these plants. Good soil is required for providing proper nutrition and moisture to the plant. Soil can be termed as good for growing vegetables in a garden only if it can retain enough moisture, provide sufficient nutrients, can hold the plant and support the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

Creating An Indoor Herb Garden

Creating an indoor herb garden is quite an easy task as herbs are inexpensive plants that are easy to maintain and are undemanding. An indoor herb garden can be termed as an introductory course for any beginner to the art of gardening.

Discover The Roots Of Bonsai Gardening

The word Bonsai can be translated literally into “container planted”, and is used to describe the art of aesthetic miniaturization of trees that is achieved by growing them in small containers. Western culture uses “bonsai” as an umbrella term to…

Tips For Growing Herbs In A Garden

There are different types of herb gardens like ornamental, aromatic, culinary and medicinal. Depending on the reason for developing herb garden, you can have an estimate with regard to space, size and types of herbs to be grown inside the garden.

Should Fertilizers Be Used In A Vegetable Garden?

Adding fertilizers to soil is very important because properly fertilized vegetable plants will be healthier and are better able to resist diseases and pest attacks. Fertilizers increase the productivity of the plants and also provide better quality vegetables.

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