Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Tomatoes

Water Gardening

Water Gardening can create a soothing oasis within your yard. Building a pond there are many questions to be answered. The hard shell liner or the soft pond liner? What kind of filter system do I need?

Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces – Yes You Can Do It!

When we think of a vegetable garden, we usually imagine a large space, but it’s not essential to have a big area to grow a good crop of vegetables. In fact, not many people have that kind of space, and still grow plants that flourish in a small place. If you have plenty of sunshine, you can make a roaring success of vegetable gardening in small spaces.

Beginners Indoor Garden Tips

This is for all the new gardeners who want to sow different varieties of indoor plants, including edible and decorative ones. If you would like to know some simple, but practical home-grown wisdom regarding a garden that’s easy to maintain and gives you both body and soul nourishment, then read on. Though some people seem to have all the luck, along with large spaces to maintain a kitchen garden, others, such as those who live in an apartment, have only small spaces.

The Importance of Winterizing Your Lawn

Preparing your lawn for the winter season, or winterizing your lawn, is a necessary maintenance task. Your lawn doesn’t actually die during the winter months, but rather, it becomes dormant during this one season due to the cold weather. If your area includes substantially colder weather, snow will likely cover your lawn, so it’s important to winterize your lawn to prevent problems the following spring.

Ornamental Grass For a More Beautiful Garden

By planting ornamental grass in your yard and garden you’ll have a nice, low maintenance way to add some beauty with color, texture and interesting focal points. Ornamental grass often grows quite high, so this will add an extra dimension of vertical interest to your yard and garden. Though some ornamental grasses grow up to 20 feet tall, they don’t usually need to be trimmed or cut in the same way regular yard grass or bushes do.

Caring For Your Bonsai (or is That Bonzi!) Tree

Taking care of bonsai trees is much like creating a work of art, only this art involves a living thing. It is a challenging hobby, but one that is highly rewarding.

Healthy Trends in Natural Fertilizers

Thanks to the popular “Going Green” theme that has swept our nation, there is an overwhelming push for “organic” products. Whether it’s branded on our meats, stickered on our fresh produce or marketed through the media, one can’t deny that living “organically” has become a very real trend.

Planting a Rain Garden

Planting a rain garden helps to filter and absorb storm water, helping to clean up the environment and improve local water sources. It’s also a great way to deal with difficult-to-plant sections of your garden that get too much moisture. This guide gives you a few tips for how to plant your own rain garden.

Is Gardening a Benefit Or a Chore?

One of the challenges of gardening is to realise that you cannot have the garden of your dreams overnight, it does take planning and a great deal of work, even calling in a professional landscape gardening company, although quicker than the ardent DIY fan, will not produce instant results. Amongst the benefits a gardener derives is the understanding of the links between plant life and insect life, quickly realising that some plants live well together whereas other plants should be in different plots if not gardens.

How to Create an Instant Vegetable Garden

Would you like to grow some of your own vegetables this year, but just don’t seem to have the time or energy to prepare a garden plot? Does a “just add water” vegetable garden sound like a dream come true for you? Check out this methods for instant garden preparation and easy and painless planting.

An Introduction to Growing in Containers

Growing in containers is often described as the fastest expanding form of gardening, and this article shows how this is really not surprising when you consider the wonderful versatility of plants which can be grown in this way. Furthermore, practically anyone can do it. All you need to get started is a place which is sheltered and well lit, which may be no more than a windowsill. Discover your hidden green fingered talents by reading this article.

Gardening For Food – Growing Vegetables

Growing plants for food may require much more skill and knowledge as compared to that of regular gardening. After all, when you are growing vegetables, you are trying to nourish your plants to be able to produce nutritious and healthy products. When pursuing this goal, you’ll surely want to avoid compromising quality when it comes to food you plan to use.

Texas Friendly Flowers

Using native flowers has many benefits for your garden. This article talks about some of the plants that are native to Texas along with detailing some of the benefits of choosing native plants.

How to Take Care of Bamboo Plants

Bamboo can give the average garden a wonderful tropical feel, but many people find it tough to get their bamboo plant through those first troublesome weeks. Bamboo might look tough, but like any plant it needs attention so it’s vital you take care of it, and look out for any signs that things aren’t going as planned. Examples of this would be leaves wilting or shedding.

Organic Garden Seeds

Everybody wants their garden to look the best and attractive. You would try to find all kinds of plants and seeds that would make your garden the best. People even grow vegetables in their garden. It is best to use organic garden seeds for the purpose. By using organic garden seeds you would be able to different types of vegetables like carrot, basil, cucumber, lettuces, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, parsley, turnip, radish, mustard, etc.

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